Academic freedom

Academic Freedom Under Many Assaults

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Conference explores the state of free inquiry at "universities in dangerous times."

The Presidential Perspective on Academic Freedom

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Academic leaders discuss Middle Eastern branch campuses, restrictions on so-called "sensitive" research, and other topics related to academic freedom -- including confusion about the term.

College Bans Nietzsche Quote on Prof's Door

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"God is dead." That phrase, from Friedrich Nietzsche's The Gay Science, is among the philosopher's most well known -- and most hotly debated.

At Temple College, a community college in Texas, the words in the original German -- Gott ist tot -- have been barred from a professor's office door. While the college says that to leave the phrase up would offend others and constitute and endorsement of the phrase, the professor and others see a double standard in place, and a violation of academic freedom.

A (Slight) Name Change for Milton Friedman Institute

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U. of Chicago hopes specifying a research focus will calm a controversy, and while some aren't fully on board, there are signs of lessening tension.

College Ends Ban on Nietzsche Quote

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"God Is Dead" (in its original German) is now deemed acceptable for professors to post on their office doors at a Texas college.

Prof Risks Pay to Avoid Harassment Training

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If he doesn't participate in a program required of all supervisors at Irvine by next week, Alexander McPherson will be suspended. He'd rather lose his salary.

Nicholls State Faulted on Treatment of Long-Term Adjunct

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AAUP finds concerns about due process and academic freedom in case of mathematics instructor let go after 12 years of work.

What You Can't Win in Court

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After you've been called racist by some students, can you sue to get your reputation back?

When Austrian Economics and Jesuit Theology Don't Mix

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It's a safe bet that a lecture combining free-market economics, gender and wage gaps will generate attention on an average college campus. Add race and IQ to the equation, and it's all but certain to explode in controversy.

And that's what happened when Walter Block, an economics professor at Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit institution, gave a talk this month, "Injustices in the Politics and Economics of Social Justice," at Loyola College in Maryland, a fellow Jesuit institution.

Power Grab at DuPage

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Board issues plan to adopt "Academic Bill of Rights," end faculty control of curriculum, and give trustees authority over student newspaper content and outside speakers.


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