Academic freedom

Academic Freedom, Faith and Nuance

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Catholic college leaders discuss issues of institutional autonomy in light of "Land O'Lakes," a landmark 1967 statement.

In Colorado's Chosen Chief, Faculty See Tenure Foe

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The sole finalist to become president of the University of Colorado system was, as a state teachers' union describes it, “the architect and chief proponent” of changes at Metropolitan State College of Denver that "eliminated tenure as we know it.” Bruce Benson, the owner and president of an oil and gas exploration and production company since 1965, served as chair of Metro State’s Board

Hate in Their Midst

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Cal State Long Beach considers whether it has gone far enough to distance itself from professor who writes that Jews band together to undercut white society.

Worried About Guns? Ban a Campus Musical

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At Arkansas Tech U., Sondheim's Assassins is called off, just before opening night, but American Gangster is OK.

A Loyalty Oath Firing in 2008

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Instructor at Cal State East Bay loses position after trying to amend required statement.

This Course Brought to You By....

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At Hunter College, was a professor pressured to teach a course "sponsored" by an industry group, based in part on creating a fake student to fool other students?

'Academic Freedom in the Wired World'

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Robert M. O'Neil has been a player on academic freedom issues from many perspectives. He has been a university president (University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin System), a legal scholar (law professor at U.Va.), and First Amendment advocate (director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression). He has also been chair of the American Association of University Professors' committee on academic freedom.

Art and the College Administrator

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Why will officials who would think twice before banning a book close or alter an exhibit or play? Why is academic freedom more difficult to defend in a theater or museum?

'Virtual Jihadi' Leaves RPI; Controversy Doesn't

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced Monday that it would not permit the re-opening of a controversial video exhibit that the university suspended last week. RPI's announcement -- both the decision and the way it was explained -- infuriated the artist and art professors, who moved the video to a gallery off the campus. There, students who are active in the College Republicans at RPI followed them to picket and protest outside, while others streamed in to see the show.

Defining a Ban on Secret Research

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Board of anthropology association pushes ahead to restore prohibition on studies that can't be shared, but hesitates on absolutist language encouraged by members.


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