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David Horowitz vs. Women's Studies

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When David Horowitz named the "101 most dangerous academics in America," in The Professors, a book in 2006, Bettina Aptheker was among those featured. A professor of feminist studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Aptheker was critiqued this way in the book:

Academic Freedom, Christian Context

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An evangelical college tries to define faculty rights to free inquiry in a way that celebrates its institutional mission.

Banned in Boston

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After radio show starts campaign against William Ayers lecture, BC calls off his talk -- citing sensitivity to a police officer's killing that may have had nothing to do with the Weather Underground.

A ($1) Win for Ward Churchill

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Jury finds that U. of Colorado was wrong to fire him, but awards smallest possible compensation. Judge will now decide whether to order him reinstated to his position.

A Presidential Critic, Fired

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AAUP finds violations of academic freedom in dismissal of tenured professor who questioned leadership at Stillman College.

Ward Churchill Redux?

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Bowdoin is poised to discipline a professor for research errors that he says officials went looking for only because they didn't like the content of his work -- not unlike another recent case.

Patterns in Academic Persecution

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Oppression of scholars extends across a range of countries, fueled not only by politics but also by general anti-intellectualism, a new report says.

'For the Common Good'

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The concepts of academic freedom are much debated, and it's clear that not everyone who uses the term means the same thing. A new book, For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom (Yale University Press), traces the history of academic freedom and its definitions in the United States. The authors are two law professors: Matthew W. Finkin of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Robert C. Post of Yale University.

David Horowitz Wins a Round

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Board of College of DuPage, over faculty objections, adopts version of "Academic Bill of Rights" as official policy.

Crossing a Line

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Arizona lecturer quits as university is pressured to fire her over comments she posted on a conservative blogger's site.


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