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Adjuncts and God: Why Are 2 Instructors Out of Jobs?

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Instructor at Southwestern Community College says he lost job for not taking Bible literally. Colorado AAUP says instructor lost job for taking faith too seriously.

When Professors Can't Get Along

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The American Association of University Professors -- a champion of open debate and free exchange -- is having some difficulties with the nature of debate in its own (virtual) house.

Supreme Court Potpourri: Free Speech and Sex Harassment

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Justices decline to hear several college cases, letting stand decisions involving a campus preacher's First Amendment rights and a soccer coach's alleged mistreatment of a female player.

Desmond Tutu, Persona Non Grata

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U. of St. Thomas decides that the Nobel laureate’s past comments on Israel were “hurtful” to some Jews and so blocks invitation he had accepted to speak on campus.

St. Thomas Agrees to Invite Tutu

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Facing opposition from the ADL, a prominent poet's refusal to appear on campus, and student and faculty anger, university changes its mind. Did it change enough?

American Studies on Offense and Defense

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Scholars consider how to get more engaged in the political process -- and how to fend off attacks on what they do.

Access to Critical Blog Blocked

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Web site devoted to scrutiny of former leader of College of Southern Nevada is shut down there and (temporarily) at his new institution.

A Call to Defend Academic Freedom

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Leading academics band together to decry outside interference in tenure reviews, especially in cases involving scholars of the Middle East.

Michigan Keeps Link to Controversial Publisher

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University press faced criticism for distributing books published by leftist outfit but decides to maintain its ties, while also drawing up guidelines for such relationships.

Defining Academic Freedom for 2007

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AFT statement aims to reflect – and to promote strategies for fighting – challenges of faculty life today, especially off the tenure track.


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