Academic freedom

Columbia Protesters Face Penalties (Perhaps)

In pre-Christmas statement, university officials say students may undergo discipline for disrupting speech -- but offer no details, citing privacy law.

Radical Shift for MLA -- on Meeting Date

Delegate Assembly rejects the use of the term "illegal alien" -- while measure to defend Ward Churchill is cast aside.

A Freewheeling Academic Freedom Debate

Stanley Fish, Elena Kagan and others mull recent case studies and hypothetical situations in a law school context.

Ugly Turn in Mascot Dispute

U. of Illinois Native Americans find themselves targets of online threats and racist statements.

History vs. Hagiography

Bush institute at SMU would report to Bush foundation, not the university. Does that protect academic interests, or endanger them?

Strategies on Academic Freedom

Handbook offers ideas for professors in Middle Eastern studies who find themselves under scrutiny or attack.

Students' Complaints, Professors' Rights

A seemingly innocuous policy change at the City University of New York has faculty leaders worried that their institution -- which has not been front and center in the battles over David Horowitz's "Academic Bill of Rights" -- may end up giving the conservative activist a victory, at their expense.

Reviewing the Reviewers

Professor starts blog to examine institutional review boards and how, in his eyes, they hamstring the humanities.

Vote Postponed on Tobacco Research Ban

After contentious debate on academic freedom and manipulation of research, U. of California regents punt.

A Curricular Debate: Classic or Retro?

Advocates for traditional curriculum spark debate at meeting of academics who view the core as where the action used to be.


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