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A Separation and a Return

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announced Thursday that it is ending an unusual relationship under which an independent Roman Catholic center has for decades nominated instructors to teach Catholic thought at the university and paid their salaries. Further, the university announced that a controversial adjunct who has taught under the relationship would be back for the fall semester.

You Can't Charge for Controversy

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Let's say a student group wants to invite Sarah Palin to campus, or Bill Ayers for that matter. Can a public university say that approval is contingent on the student group paying all extra security costs associated with such a visit?

Another Subpoena for Research

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At the University of Virginia today, a protest is planned over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's attempt to obtain records about climate change research conducted there -- an attempt that faculty members view as intimidation of scholars whose findings offend the Republican politician. The university, at the behest of its faculty, has gone to court to block the attorney general's information request, and a decision could come as soon as today.

Roping in the Tenured

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Adjuncts consider outreach to their more privileged peers to better achieve labor goals.

Politics or Civility?

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New sociology research suggests that nonpolitical campus characteristics may influence whether conservative students thrive with or feel intimidated by faculty at overwhelmingly liberal institutions.

Legal Loss for Anti-Gay Student

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Federal judge refuses to grant injunction to block master's program in counseling from forcing her to comply with its equity standards.

Split Ruling on Confidentiality

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Federal judge won't force researchers to release names of teachers they interviewed, but orders release of schools studied -- despite scholars' pledges not to do so.

Win for Researcher Rights

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Judge blocks attempt by state attorney general to get records on a scientist's work at U. of Virginia; further court battles are likely.

The Academy That Didn't Go Away

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Two years ago, it appeared that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had resolved a conflict with faculty leaders over the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government.

Columbia's Latest Invitation

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Columbia University likes to invite world leaders to campus when they are in New York City for United Nations meetings, and the university has defended invitations to some particularly controversial leaders -- such as Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who appeared there in 2007. Columbia officials say that the university benefits from exposing students to world leaders, however reprehensible their ideas may be, and that the visits are about learning, not endorsing a particular point of view.


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