Academic freedom

West Virginia University lets controversial speaker appear and answers his attack on professor


West Virginia University defends right of Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, but also right of students and faculty members to answer back when he attacked a professor who advocates for gay and minority students.

Salem State University, facing criticism from minority students, shutters art exhibit on election

Salem State invited artists to create works inspired by election. Several paintings, created by critics of Trump, were intended to draw attention to oppression. But minority students were offended -- and university shuttered exhibit.

Rutgers places adjunct on leave for tweets he says were based on rhetoric of President-elect Trump

Rutgers places adjunct on leave for Twitter comments that he says were modeled on (and a critique of) the pro-gun rhetoric of the president-elect -- and that he says never should have been taken literally.

Adjunct says he was fired for insisting on rigor in his course

Instructor says he was fired -- shortly after he complained to accreditor -- for refusing to water down his curriculum and requirements. Another instructor quit rather than comply.

U of Oregon suspends professor who wore blackface to party


University of Oregon suspends faculty member while investigating her conduct at a Halloween party. Many of her colleagues demand she resign. Legally, can she be sanctioned?

NYU professor who used anonymous Twitter account to criticize the university, trigger warnings and safe spaces is on paid leave

An NYU professor who used an anonymous Twitter account to criticize the university, trigger warnings, safe spaces and the ‘academic left’ is on paid leave days after his identity was revealed. What happened?

Writers group seeks middle ground on campus speech

Writers’ group has some concerns but rejects idea of a crisis. It offers guidelines that back free expression but also sympathize with the demands of minority students.

Kentucky's University Senate opposes terms of $10M deal for free enterprise center

University of Kentucky senate opposes terms of proposed $10 million deal with Koch and Papa John's CEO to establish center for the study of free enterprise -- funds for which could be revoked at any time.

Judge blocks Kentucky governor from overhauling Louisville board

Kentucky's governor improperly served as "judge, jury and executioner" in abolishing University of Louisville's Board of Trustees, a state court finds.

Philosophers' comments at two conferences spark debate over the limits of scholarship and how scholarly societies police them


After controversial remarks about reproduction at one conference and gay people at another, scholarly groups consider whether they have an obligation to apologize for what was said or whether doing so constitutes censorship.


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