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What You Can't Win in Court

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After you've been called racist by some students, can you sue to get your reputation back?

When Austrian Economics and Jesuit Theology Don't Mix

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It's a safe bet that a lecture combining free-market economics, gender and wage gaps will generate attention on an average college campus. Add race and IQ to the equation, and it's all but certain to explode in controversy.

And that's what happened when Walter Block, an economics professor at Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit institution, gave a talk this month, "Injustices in the Politics and Economics of Social Justice," at Loyola College in Maryland, a fellow Jesuit institution.

Power Grab at DuPage

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Board issues plan to adopt "Academic Bill of Rights," end faculty control of curriculum, and give trustees authority over student newspaper content and outside speakers.

Tenure on the Chopping Block

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Kentucky community college system leaders have plan to eliminate traditional job security for all new faculty hires.

Defining Adjunct Rights

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AAUP applies new standards to find North Idaho violated the rights of a long-time part-timer. In that case and another, the colleges say those rights are minimal -- and reject the AAUP's guidelines.

Key Win for Scholar Kept Out of U.S.

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Federal judge says government must say why it won't let Adam Habib, a noted South African sociologist, accept academic invitations in the United States.

David Horowitz Does the MLA

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After years of attacking the group, he gets a chance to address its members, some of whom make clear they objected to the invitation.

MLA's Middle East Moves

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SAN FRANCISCO -- How political should the Modern Language Association be?

Faith, Science and Academic Freedom

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AAUP issues reports criticizing two religious colleges -- one that set limits on teaching by biologist who believes in evolution, and one that fired a professor who tried to preserve traditional theology.

Israel Boycott Movement Comes to U.S.

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Movement to cut academic ties -- subject of intense debate in Britain for several years -- now appears on other side of Atlantic.


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