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Controversial Visa Bans Lifted

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Clinton clears ways for Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan to attend scholarly meetings in the United States, reversing Bush administration actions that angered scholarly groups.

Still Banned at Saint Louis U.

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Six months after university nixes David Horowitz event, it resists Horowitz debate with head of AAUP.

Is Military Research Different?

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McGill U. considers ending requirement that faculty members indicate whether any research supported by the military may have harmful consequences.

Is Heckling a Right?

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Incident at Irvine prompts debate over whether repeatedly interrupting a campus speaker is an exercise of free expression or the suppression of free expression.

Filling Key Presidency in Christian Higher Ed

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Wheaton of Illinois names a new leader -- at a time the college enjoys greater prominence and faces some criticism.

Faculty Challenge Tenure Denial

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Ohio University professor denied tenure over collegiality issues was victim of a "tainted" process and should have been approved, a committee finds.

Standing Up for Explicit Exhibit

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A year after one university insisted on removing part of photography show, U. of Louisville defends the project, which includes images of naked girls and women.

Battle of Wills and Faith

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Members of small, conservative denomination move to assert control over Erskine College, leaving many professors scared -- and some subject to repeated online attacks.

Apology Ends Defamation Suit

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Publisher of newsletter that criticizes CUNY's faculty union sees vindication, as litigation ends without his having to pay anything. But the plaintiff sees victory as well.

Evaporating First Amendment?

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Judge's finding that controversial columns by a university professor lacked Constitutional protection has a variety of legal watchdogs worried.


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