Academic freedom

A Presidential Critic, Fired

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AAUP finds violations of academic freedom in dismissal of tenured professor who questioned leadership at Stillman College.

Ward Churchill Redux?

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Bowdoin is poised to discipline a professor for research errors that he says officials went looking for only because they didn't like the content of his work -- not unlike another recent case.

Patterns in Academic Persecution

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Oppression of scholars extends across a range of countries, fueled not only by politics but also by general anti-intellectualism, a new report says.

'For the Common Good'

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The concepts of academic freedom are much debated, and it's clear that not everyone who uses the term means the same thing. A new book, For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom (Yale University Press), traces the history of academic freedom and its definitions in the United States. The authors are two law professors: Matthew W. Finkin of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Robert C. Post of Yale University.

David Horowitz Wins a Round

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Board of College of DuPage, over faculty objections, adopts version of "Academic Bill of Rights" as official policy.

Crossing a Line

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Arizona lecturer quits as university is pressured to fire her over comments she posted on a conservative blogger's site.

Bowdoin Punishes Professor Who Provoked

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President censures economist after backing panel's finding that sloppy research practices amounted to misconduct. His backers say the response squelches faculty criticism.

A Battle for the Sea (Grant)

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U. of Alaska strips federal grant money from extension agent over his environmental "advocacy," drawing complaint that it bowed to agency's pressure.

Tenure's Value ... to Society

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A judge ruled last week in Colorado that not only is tenure a good thing for the professors who enjoy it, it is valuable to the public. Further, the court ruled that the value (to the public) of tenure outweighed the value of giving colleges flexibility in hiring and dismissing. That is a principle that faculty members say is very important and makes this case about much more than the specific issues at play.

Second Guessing a Conference

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In move being called an assault on academic freedom, Canadian official asks agency he supervises to reconsider grant for a conference that is angering some supporters of Israel.


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