Academic freedom

UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

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UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.

Augustana retreat an exercise in collective governance

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Augustana College president tries to give professors a voice in institutional governance at a time when faculty members across the country feel marginalized.

Iowa State cancels class on Biblical insights for business

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After a faculty campaign, university calls off a class on applying the Bible to business.

Harvard kills courses by controversial summer school instructor

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Harvard faculty decides that a controversial economist's statements about Muslims were so offensive that his normal summer school courses should be eliminated.

Mount St. Mary's reinstates professors it fired

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University reverses course on action that outraged many in academe, but also says board still backs controversial president. Professors aren't ready to return. UPDATE: Faculty sends letter to president, asking him to resign by Monday.

An American student and researcher is among the prisoners released by Iran

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An American student enrolled in an intensive language program affiliated with the University of Tehran is among the prisoners released by Iran.

Historians reject measure criticizing Israel

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Scholars question idea that one country should be "singled out."

Appeals court upholds U of Hawaii decision to deny student a teaching assignment based on statements on sex and disabilities

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Appeals court rules U of Hawaii was justified in denying student teaching experience to man who was qualified academically but whose statements about adult-child sex and students with disabilities alarmed professors.

Turkey ends funding for controversial research institute

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The Institute of Turkish Studies has been accused of pushing the Turkish state's agenda on the Armenian genocide. Now the Turkish government has withdrawn its funding. Why?

At Irvine, questions about professorships funded by a foundation that seeks to change scholarly study of Hinduism

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Irvine faculty members and students question idea of professorships endowed by foundation that wants to change scholarly study of Hinduism -- and to influence search process for hires.


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