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UC conflict-of-interest rules raise questions

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U of California system will require top leaders to prove outside work benefits their institution -- a test not applied at most colleges. Is the policy too weak or too strong?

Vermont pushes to combine public colleges' administrations

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Experts praise a proposed arrangement -- which system officials avoid calling the "M-word" -- but faculty members on the affected campuses worry about local identity.

Liberty U's Falwell takes Cleveland stage in support of Trump

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On the eve of his prime-time speech at the GOP convention, Liberty U president discusses political advocacy in higher education and how Donald Trump is seeking to encourage more of it.

What happens when colleges drop need-blind admissions

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Some maintain that they can drop the policy and preserve access, but those who have gone need blind have seen gains in student diversity.

Margaret Spellings backs tuition experiment, accountability measures at UNC

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In a wide-ranging discussion, the new UNC system president said accountability measures can stop micromanagement.

Proposed federal rules for student debt forgiveness worry some nonprofit colleges

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Education Department's proposed rule for student debt forgiveness could threaten traditional colleges as well as for-profits, particularly over its broad view of what counts as misrepresentation.

Texas A&M Commerce president committed suicide

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Texas A&M Commerce originally tried to keep records about its leader's death private but has now opted to be open about the impact of depression. Many presidents say it's a tough issue to discuss.

Juniata College encourages professors to talk about race in class, while acknowledging risks

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Professors at Juniata College struggled to talk about race in class and worried about saying the wrong thing. So campus leaders helped them engage.

Federal panel votes to terminate ACICS and tightens screws on other accreditors

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Federal panel recommends termination for ACICS, an accreditor of several notorious for-profits, while also tightening the screws on the American Bar Association and other agencies.

Plymouth State announces layoffs, restructuring around interdisciplinary clusters

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Plymouth State plans to replace them with clusters. Restructuring and layoffs have professors scratching their heads.


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