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Building Something Different

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University of North Texas at Dallas has enlisted the help of management consultant Bain & Company to help create a new model of education.

New Presidents or Provosts: Aga Khan U., Colorado State U.-Pueblo, Iowa State U., Surry Community College

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Starting to Worry

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Despite strong fiscal positions, elite liberal arts colleges have started to question the long-term viability of the sector's financial and educational models.

New Presidents or Provosts: Black Hawk College, Post U., Towson U., U. of Alabama-Huntsville, Vishwa Bharti U.

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Celebrating Frugality

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Several new presidents have decided to forgo traditional, expensive inaugurations in favor of pared-down events more appropriate for lean times.

The Leadership Gap to Come

Richard A. Skinner offers advice to college and university board members on how they need to prepare.

New Presidents or Provosts: Antioch U.-Los Angeles, Antioch U.-New England, Cuyahoga CC-Eastern Campus, La Trobe U., Polytechnic Institute of New York U., U. of Illinois

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'Imagine HBCUs Differently'

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Almost quadrupling in just a few months the number of students who attend summer courses is uncommon at any university.

For M. Christopher Brown II, the new president of Alcorn State University, a historically black public land-grant university in Mississippi, it wasn't quite good enough. In the past, the university enrolled about 500 students in summer courses. Brown set the provost a goal of 2,000, with a bonus offered for achieving it. They ended up with about 1,900, and as happy as Brown is about the increase, the provost isn't getting his bonus.

New Presidents Program

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New Presidents or Provosts: DeVry U.-Seattle Metro, Harris-Stowe State U., New York Institute of Technology, Northern Caribbean U., U. of Virginia

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