Number of economics jobs drops

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Decline in listings is almost entirely in academic positions. Non-academic positions see a slight increase.

Study analyzes who publishes in leading economics journals

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Younger scholars no longer dominate in top journals, study finds. While women have made gains in their share of articles, their proportion far lags their representation in the discipline.

Survey finds economists like to know leanings of scholars presenting work

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Economists -- contrary to their stereotype -- welcome information about the ideological leanings of those presenting work.

Interview with author of book on the economics of scientific research

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Economist's new book explains the many ways financial forces affect scientific research -- and those who hope to practice it.

President's class is a lesson for her and students about how the college works

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Colorado College’s new president taught a class on the economics of higher education to give students a glimpse at the industry and herself a better understanding of the college.

How departments of economics evaluate teachers

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Study finds that economics departments rely on student evaluations to judge teaching skills of faculty -- even though many question fairness and accuracy of the ratings.

Job market for economics Ph.D.s is flat

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Total openings in 2011 were nearly the same as 2010, but a larger share of the positions were in academe.


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