Honey, I Lost the Endowment

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Professor claims amnesia as SEC accuses him of fraud of $134 million -- including most of his university's investment funds.

Economics Education 101

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Robert Frank discusses how "economic naturalism" helps teach basic concepts in introductory courses. With a podcast.

Peer Review in Peril?

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New study cites "decline of peer review" as primary factor for decreased representation of top economics departments in major journals.

Who You Calling Heterodox?

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A flurry of recent articles has suggested that dissent in economics comes from the left. Some scholars from the right beg to differ.

Heated Debate About HBCUs

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Officials of historically black universities challenge research suggesting that their graduates have lost earnings power compared to alumni of white institutions.

Hoover in the Heartland

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Alumni provide funds for U. of Illinois to promote capitalist thought, with goal of creating public university equivalent of Stanford think tank -- and spreading model elsewhere. Some professors are alarmed.

Arguing Against Free-Market Plagiarism Prevention

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Economist's surveys suggest that profession's laissez faire system of fighting scholarly cheating fails if breaches don't get reported or punished.

Economists on Higher Ed

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Papers at annual meeting explore assessment, student aid, course sequence and the role of community colleges.

The Econ Major's Marginal Utility

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Given the many and conflicting reasons why students choose their majors -- they liked an introductory course, it leads to well-paying jobs, it's something they're interested in, their parents made them do it -- it's understandably difficult to pinpoint how they truly feel about their area of concentration.

A (Slight) Name Change for Milton Friedman Institute

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U. of Chicago hopes specifying a research focus will calm a controversy, and while some aren't fully on board, there are signs of lessening tension.


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