Anvil Academic aims to provide platform for digital scholarship

Digital Humanities

Digital humanities advocates look to hammer out a publishing platform to help institutions apply traditional peer review mechanisms to nontraditional research.

New book on the politics of higher education

New book sheds light on higher education's complicated history with the federal government.

Library association releases 'best practices' for avoiding copyright suits

Association of Research Libraries spells out principles and best practices for making copyrighted materials as free as possible while avoiding lawsuits.

Oxford Press will publish books that are controversial in India

Facing criticism from professors worldwide, publisher will re-issue books by scholar whose essay set off controversy in India.

American Public University enlists faculty to write e-textbooks

American Public University System taps professors to write e-textbooks. The move could be a cost-saving innovation, but will raise hackles among publishers and some faculty members.

Advocates say public money for open educational resources is smart investment

Advocates argue that public money for open educational resources is a sound investment.

JSTOR for Life

In a pilot, universities pay a little extra so alumni can have access to the scholarly article database after they graduate.

Academic Publishing and Zombies

Media studies professor says traditional journals and presses need to become more open and dynamic if they want to avoid becoming dead on their feet.

Know Thine Audience

At Sustainable Scholarship conference, academic librarians and publishers discuss why understanding readers is more essential than ever in the digital age.

Wards of the Court

A sharp split over digitized versions of "orphan works," as well as anger over Google's books project, led authors' group to sue major university libraries.


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