Control of a Beloved Book

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Some in academic publishing think the latest twist in the story of Black Elk Speaks amounts to poetic justice. Others see a sign of just how vulnerable their industry is these days. In either case, this is the story of a book that is much loved and whose fate has been much debated.

Abandoning an Experiment

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Rice U. shuts down its digital university press -- going against recommendations of outside reviewers. With 2 other presses closing, some see growing vulnerability for small outfits.

All In the Delivery

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As publishers and analysts again wonder if e-books are about to take off, the growing popularity of rental options may play as important a role as technology.

Another Press Stops Publishing

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Susquehanna U. Press is placed "on hiatus." Move follows decisions at Rice, Scranton and SMU.

The All E-Book Diet

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Daytona State says switching to only electronic textbooks will lighten the cost burden on students.

A Call for Open Textbooks

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Lobbying for cheaper books, a student activist group throws its weight behind an open-source model.

Long Road to Open Access

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Effort by leading research universities to rethink the economics of scholarly journals has an underwhelming first year, and experts caution against expectations of quick change.

New Models for University Presses

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A special issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing being released today features a series of calls for change in the way university presses are run -- suggesting that the current business model is collapsing.

The essays in the journal argue that the strategy of bolstering the existing model of selling print versions of monographs is doomed to fail, even if many advocates for scholarly publishing have defended it amid the economic and technological changes of the last decade.

Paying by the Pound for Journals

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A new digital pricing model strains the relationship between chemistry group and some of its subscribers.

An Academic Office Trashed in Egypt

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American U. in Cairo Press has its headquarters -- overlooking square filled with protesters -- ransacked by police.


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