Could a Press End Up on Chopping Block?

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Fears of Utah State University's scholarly publishing arm illustrate the vulnerability of academic publishing in a year of massive budget cuts.

Too Christian or Too Narrow?

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Wiley-Blackwell suspends sale of four volume, 3,000 page encyclopedia on Christianity, pending post-publication review. Editor sees anti-religious bias; publisher and others see major problems with the substance of the work.

Pirates vs. University Presses

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Entire scholarly books are starting to appear -- without permission -- on Web sites that flaunt their violation of traditional copyright laws.

Critiquing, Defending Academic BS

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Composition scholars consider whether their language and tone alienate the public -- or raise tough issues.

Unread Monographs, Uninspired Undergrads

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Increased scholarly output and student disengagement are linked, according to a new white paper that calls for relieving the "research mandate" in the humanities.

Farewell to the Printed Monograph

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U. of Michigan Press plans dramatic move in scholarly publishing, shifting to a digital model -- with hopes of being able to increase production of important, non-commercial research.

Breakthrough, Bust, or Building Block?

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As Amazon unveils new version of its Kindle reader and underscores implications for electronic textbooks, perceptions vary on whether step is transformative.

On the Chopping Block

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Middlebury wants to end financial support for New England Review. Supporters of literary magazines say college demands like that could doom vital publications.

Extra, Extra, Go to WWW...

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Internal university communications continue migrating to all-online formats, driven, in part, by budget cuts.

The Evolving Google Library

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New deal with U. of Michigan offers more details on how the company plans to market the millions of digital copies of books it is creating. Will the skeptics be won over?


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