Shift for Academic Publisher

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Heldref will sell most of its journals (including Change) and become grant-making entity focused on foreign policy and the legacy of Jeane Kirkpatrick.

The Equal Opportunity Library

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Google's mammoth book digitization project means access to knowledge for minorities and the underrepresented, scholars and activists said Wednesday.

Rent, Read and Return

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A growing number of companies are renting textbooks to college students, saying they're an alternative to sky-high price tags.

Brand New, Again

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University libraries are teaming up with presses to scan and reprint rare books from their collections.

Adding Currency to JSTOR

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In collaboration with U. of California Press, digital archive plans to expand to include new issues, promising expanded reach and better technology for publishers and ease of access for libraries.

Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Copyrights!

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As the due date for authors and publishers to opt out of the Google Book settlement nears, interested parties in higher education tell the judge what they think.

The Game of Ghost Writing

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Studies at international peer review conference examine a practice that has drawn Congressional scrutiny: the publication of scholarly papers whose authors didn't write them.

Peer Review Failure?

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National Academy of Sciences journal will review article -- currently causing furor -- that was published under special system for members to recommend work. And that system is being eliminated.

Breakthrough on Open Access

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5 major research universities pledge to set up system of payments for work their professors publish in free, online journals -- aiming to shift economic model of scholarly communication.

Correcting a Style Guide

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American Psychological Association concedes its new manual has plenty of mistakes, but won't pay to provide error-free copies to faculty and students.


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