The Game of Ghost Writing

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Studies at international peer review conference examine a practice that has drawn Congressional scrutiny: the publication of scholarly papers whose authors didn't write them.

Peer Review Failure?

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National Academy of Sciences journal will review article -- currently causing furor -- that was published under special system for members to recommend work. And that system is being eliminated.

Breakthrough on Open Access

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5 major research universities pledge to set up system of payments for work their professors publish in free, online journals -- aiming to shift economic model of scholarly communication.

Correcting a Style Guide

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American Psychological Association concedes its new manual has plenty of mistakes, but won't pay to provide error-free copies to faculty and students.

Customized Uniformity

Smart Title: 
A Wisconsin business school gets a grant to write custom e-textbooks aimed at keeping students on the same page

Survival -- Through Open Access

Smart Title: 
Utah State University Press, which faced threat of elimination, will continue to operate as a scholarly publisher, but with a new model.

A Call for Copyright Rebellion

Smart Title: 
Lawrence Lessig asks why academe accepts rules that limit the spread of scholarship.

Open Access Encyclopedias

Smart Title: 
In the age of Google and Wikipedia, can higher education create online reference works that are free, scholarly, and economically viable?

A College Press Run By Undergrads

Smart Title: 
A Vermont college creates a publishing enterprise for students, by students.

Academic and Publishing Freedom

Smart Title: 
Article criticizing Wheaton College, seen by many as flagship of evangelical higher ed, is killed by key publication in Christian intellectual life. Why?


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