Keeping It Simple

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The Tomorrow's Professor e-newsletter, which has thrived despite eschewing the trappings of modern media, prepares to put out its 1,000th edition.

Highlighting E-Readers

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Colleges release analyses of major experiments with Kindles -- and find students use less paper with the devices, but want better note-taking ability.

A Win For Publishers

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U.S. academic publishing giants hope a favorable ruling by a German court will put a dent in the black market for pirated e-books.

J-Schools to the Rescue?

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As more journalism schools agree to supply local news outlets with free copy, critics question whether they are betraying their graduates — and the public.

Encouraging Open Access

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U. of Rochester thinks it has a model that could breathe life into anemic institutional repositories -- a problem that has undermined open-access movement for years.

New Battleground for Publishers

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With demand for online assessment and e-tutoring tools growing, good textbooks alone are no longer enough to win over professors.

An Editor's Broadside

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By definition, businesses and organizations need to keep their customers or users satisfied, which is why you don't typically see editors taking potshots at their readers in the pages of their publications.

Online Journal 2.0

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The Society of Architectural Historians says you don't just read its new online journal; you experience it.

Medievalists Joust Over Blog

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Scholars turn on one of their favorite blogs, alleging ethical and copyright violations.

Eroding Library Role?

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If libraries do not seriously rethink their role in the lives of researchers, they could come to be seen more as resource purchasers than as research collaborators, according to a report released today by the nonprofit group Ithaka S+R.


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