U of Michigan Press endorses accessible book publishing guidelines

The disability studies scholars behind guidelines on accessibility in publishing gain their first endorsement from a university press.

Essay with tips on how faculty can find time for writing and publishing

To advance in academe you must publish. But where to find the time?

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Journal article speculates that Crick and Watson would have difficulty today publishing findings on DNA

Article speculates that their landmark work on DNA, if evaluated by today's standards, might not have found a journal.

University of Akron says it hasn't eliminated its university press, but has eliminated all press staff jobs

U of Akron denies killing off its press, even though the university eliminated the jobs of all employees. Many are dubious.

Oxford professor questions LSU professor's self-citations

Oxford professor questions LSU scholar's articles -- published in a journal he edited.

Researchers, university press directors emboldened by Mellon foundation interest in academic publishing

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is aggressively funding efforts to support new digital models -- in writing, editing, financing and more.

Dutch universities fight publishers over open access

Universities "unbending" on fee-free demand as talks with Elsevier resume.

Gates Foundation announces open-access policy for all grant recipients

New grant recipients of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be required to make their research and data open to the public.

Essay on the art of peer reviewing and why it matters in academic careers


Nate Kreuter writes about the practices that can make it hard to get good feedback on submissions, and the way journals and their editors can promote quality, timely communication with scholars.

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Faculty members at U. of Colorado at Boulder criticize Oxford U. Press ebook quality

U. of Colorado at Boulder cuts costs by subscribing to an ebook service over buying print books, but some faculty members complain of an inferior product.


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