Alcohol and drugs

Addressing Alcohol Abuse (or Not)

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College students drink a lot of alcohol. Administrators try to stop them. We know this. But a new study evaluates how well colleges and universities actually address alcohol abuse on campus, and it turns out that the most effective methods aren’t the most common.

Are Prescription Drugs 'Cheating'?

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This semester, Wesleyan University administrators modified the student Code of Non-Academic Conduct to ban the “misuse or abuse” of prescription drugs. This inclusion is not unusual; many colleges, including Wesleyan’s peer institutions, ban prescription drug abuse in their student codes. But the case of Wesleyan is an anomaly because of the ban’s origins.

The Next Student Health Problem?

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Ramapo College bans potent and inexpensive alcoholic energy drinks, illustrating increasingly widespread concern about the beverages' popularity among students.

Bath Salts, Spice and Drugs That Entice

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As "bath salts" are banned by lawmakers left and right, administrators consider how their own policies address designer drugs that come and go.

Dealing (With) Drugs at Elite Colleges

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After three major drug busts at highly selective colleges shatter student stereotypes, institutions are left to ponder what they will -- or won't -- do next.

It Takes a Village

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Colleges work with local communities to reduce high-risk binge drinking by students both over and under 21.

Colleges Fling Spring Parties

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Fed up with students' rowdy behavior, some universities are canceling seasonal campus traditions before they can get any more out of hand.

"[Insert Word Here] in a Can"

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A few months ago, a drink called Four Loko caught the attention of students, colleges, news media and politicians across the country. Its dangerous mix of lots of caffeine and lots of alcohol made it a target of the Food and Drug Administration, which eventually outlawed the beverage – though it has since returned, sans the caffeine.

Dubbed “blackout in a can,” Four Loko and the craze it spawned ultimately fell off the college radar.

Cue “binge in a can.”

Prescriptions and Prevention

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Abuse of legal drugs among college students continues to rise, but successful methods of averting problems are less prevalent.

'Not Your Parents' Pot'

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PHOENIX – Discussion about substance abuse on college campuses generally doesn’t center on marijuana, which makes fewer headlines these days than prescription drugs or, of course, booze.


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