Alcohol and drugs

Ifs, Ands and Butts

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After a wave of colleges banned smoking, some officials feel pressure to make exceptions, and still grapple with enforcement.

The Anti-Amethyst Initiative

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After the sixth alcohol-connected student death in two years, Charles Sorensen had had enough.

An Intervention at Reed

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The president of Reed College was summoned on Thursday to a meeting at a federal courthouse in Oregon where federal and state authorities told him that the college must shut down drug use and distribution at the college -- starting with an all-campus party that will take place this coming weekend.

Students Aren't the Only Boozers

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PHILADELPHIA – At a conference all about how college health officials can help students solve their problems, one speaker took an unexpected stance in a speech on student alcohol use and abuse: colleges can’t do much to stop it.

In a presentation Thursday at the American College Health Association’s annual meeting, Edward P. Ehlinger, director and chief health officer of Boynton Health Service at the University of Minnesota, took aim at campus-based projects intended to cut down on binge and underage drinking.

College and Rehab Under One Roof

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Since graduating from high school a few years ago, Emily, a 21-year-old from South Carolina, has studied at the College of Charleston, the University of South Carolina and a few community colleges.

At each college, her story was the same. “I kept messing up,” she says. “I was caught up in the party lifestyle and got involved in drugs. Everywhere I went, it ended terribly.” But after Emily hit bottom and went to detox, her family helped her enroll at a different kind of institution, where long-term recovery and academic success are both priorities.

Addressing Alcohol Abuse (or Not)

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College students drink a lot of alcohol. Administrators try to stop them. We know this. But a new study evaluates how well colleges and universities actually address alcohol abuse on campus, and it turns out that the most effective methods aren’t the most common.

Are Prescription Drugs 'Cheating'?

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This semester, Wesleyan University administrators modified the student Code of Non-Academic Conduct to ban the “misuse or abuse” of prescription drugs. This inclusion is not unusual; many colleges, including Wesleyan’s peer institutions, ban prescription drug abuse in their student codes. But the case of Wesleyan is an anomaly because of the ban’s origins.

The Next Student Health Problem?

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Ramapo College bans potent and inexpensive alcoholic energy drinks, illustrating increasingly widespread concern about the beverages' popularity among students.

Bath Salts, Spice and Drugs That Entice

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As "bath salts" are banned by lawmakers left and right, administrators consider how their own policies address designer drugs that come and go.

Dealing (With) Drugs at Elite Colleges

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After three major drug busts at highly selective colleges shatter student stereotypes, institutions are left to ponder what they will -- or won't -- do next.


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