Alcohol and drugs

Educational Drinking

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While many colleges go dry, Colby is letting students enjoy wine and beer -- in moderation -- in campus dining halls.

Death by Drinking

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A study finds that alcohol contributed to the deaths of 1,700 college students in 2001.

Beyond Sparky the Dog

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A new nonprofit group works with colleges to make 'indestructible' students' take fire safety seriously.

'Engagement,' Depression and Drugs

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The more students are "engaged" in their academic work, the less likely they are to drink heavily or abuse drugs. But academic engagement does not seem to have any effect, positively or negatively, on students' overall mental health, although it does seem to add to the level of stress they feel.

Getting Drunk = Getting Hurt, Study Finds

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Drinking to excess puts students at more risk of injury, Wake Forest researchers find.

A Steroid Bill Snags Colleges

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Congressional measure focuses on professional sports, but mandates scrutiny of the NCAA, too.

A Drive Against Drinking

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California State campuses attack alcohol abuse with a mix of peer education and stricter enforcement.

Alcohol Summer School

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More colleges require freshmen, as part of orientation, to take an online course on drinking-related dangers.

New Player on Campus? The PTA

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U. of Hawaii group, seemingly a first, seeks to represent parents' interests and help students adjust.

A Critical Look at Medical Education

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Studies in leading journal examine drug company influence, effects of long hours, and cross-cultural care.


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