Alcohol and drugs

Getting Drunk = Getting Hurt, Study Finds

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Drinking to excess puts students at more risk of injury, Wake Forest researchers find.

A Steroid Bill Snags Colleges

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Congressional measure focuses on professional sports, but mandates scrutiny of the NCAA, too.

A Drive Against Drinking

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California State campuses attack alcohol abuse with a mix of peer education and stricter enforcement.

Alcohol Summer School

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More colleges require freshmen, as part of orientation, to take an online course on drinking-related dangers.

New Player on Campus? The PTA

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U. of Hawaii group, seemingly a first, seeks to represent parents' interests and help students adjust.

A Critical Look at Medical Education

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Studies in leading journal examine drug company influence, effects of long hours, and cross-cultural care.

Drug Law Denies Aid to Thousands

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Study finds that provision on prior convictions of college students withholds $150 million in Pell Grants and loans each year.

Keeping a Close Watch on Students

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At Rhode Island, students protest rules on off-campus conduct; at George Washington, students object to dorm searches.

Detox at Madison

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U. of Wisconsin worries about sharp increase this year in those needing emergency treatment for alcohol.

Bill O'Reilly Crashes the Party and Students Object

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It’s not his party, but Bill O’Reilly is crying when he wants to.


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