Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol Summer School

More colleges require freshmen, as part of orientation, to take an online course on drinking-related dangers.

New Player on Campus? The PTA

U. of Hawaii group, seemingly a first, seeks to represent parents' interests and help students adjust.

A Critical Look at Medical Education

Studies in leading journal examine drug company influence, effects of long hours, and cross-cultural care.

Drug Law Denies Aid to Thousands

Study finds that provision on prior convictions of college students withholds $150 million in Pell Grants and loans each year.

Keeping a Close Watch on Students

At Rhode Island, students protest rules on off-campus conduct; at George Washington, students object to dorm searches.

Detox at Madison

U. of Wisconsin worries about sharp increase this year in those needing emergency treatment for alcohol.

Bill O'Reilly Crashes the Party and Students Object

It’s not his party, but Bill O’Reilly is crying when he wants to.

Cyber-Adderall Meets Finals

As finals loom, students find more ways to illegally share stimulants, but health experts don't have a firm grasp on the extent of the problem.

Presidential Disclosure on Student Drinking

At panel on campus alcohol abuse, Hartford's Walt Harrison surprised audience by talking about his own student drinking.

Drug Warnings Could Protect Students, Too

U.S. panel urges stricter warnings on ADHD medications, but kids and older adults aren’t the only concern.


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