Alcohol and drugs

Cyber-Adderall Meets Finals

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As finals loom, students find more ways to illegally share stimulants, but health experts don't have a firm grasp on the extent of the problem.

Presidential Disclosure on Student Drinking

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At panel on campus alcohol abuse, Hartford's Walt Harrison surprised audience by talking about his own student drinking.

Drug Warnings Could Protect Students, Too

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U.S. panel urges stricter warnings on ADHD medications, but kids and older adults aren’t the only concern.

Whose House? Colgate's House

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Last week, for the second time in four months, a New York judge threw out a lawsuit brought by a group of alumni who sought to block Colgate University from purchasing their fraternity’s house.

Around 65 members of Beta Theta Pi, approximately 5 percent of the members of the alumni corporation, filed a lawsuit in October 2005, alleging that Colgate forced the sale against the will of some of the corporation.

Gender and Booze

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Research suggests value of designing alcohol programs based on differences in how male and female students drink -- and think.

Anger and Consequences

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Amid rape allegations, Duke suspends lacrosse season -- and experts consider lessons and warnings for other colleges.

More Alcohol Problems at Chico

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University calls off women's softball season following drinking incident with recruit.

From Bad to Worse at Duke

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Court documents reveal ugly new details about lacrosse party, university cancels season and starts several investigations, and coach quits.

Drug Ring Encircles 'Clean' Campus

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Snow College is a two-year state college located in the heart of Utah. About 80 percent of its 4,000 students are members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. As part of their Mormon faith, many eschew the use of drugs, alcohol and even caffeine.

But these religious roots haven’t kept the campus free from drugs, and health experts caution that administrators at religious campuses can’t assume that their students are immune from drug and alcohol abuse.

Giving In at George Washington U.

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After professor threatens to sue official, university says it will take stronger steps to deter smoking outside buildings.


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