Alcohol and drugs

U. of Evansville President Arrested for Drunk Driving

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For third time in two years, a college's leader faces DUI charges. Other 2 didn't last in office.

Want to Lower the Drinking Age? Hope You Like Spam

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Presidents who called for debate opened their inboxes last week to hundreds of messages originating from a MADD Web form.

On Alcohol, Leaders Wanted

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New award recognizes college presidents for de-emphasizing alcohol, as the campaign to rethink the drinking age likewise casts a spotlight on what presidents are and aren't doing on drinking.

On Stopping Student Drinking, a Salivary Solution?

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North Idaho College's new policy calls for using alcohol test strips to determine if students in its (dry) dorm have been drinking.

Drug Use, With Academics in Mind

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Students who use ADHD medications without prescriptions do so more for studying than partying -- and generally feel that the drug use pays off, survey finds.

Not an Isolated Incident After All

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Texas Monthly uncovers evidence to suggest that Southern Methodist University's response to a student death downplayed the extent of drug use at the institution.

'College Drinking: Reframing a Social Problem'

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Every semester of every academic year, college campuses experience tragedies (and many more near-tragedies) involving excessive use of alcohol. A new book -- College Drinking: Reframing a Social Problem (Praeger) -- argues that colleges may need to rethink the approaches they have been taking to the problem. The author is George W. Dowdall, professor of sociology at Saint Joseph's University, in Philadelphia. Dowdall recently responded to questions about his book.

Taming Thirsty Thursdays

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Students without class bright and early on Fridays drink heavily the night before, new study confirms.

No Gender Gap for Victims of Violence

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College students of both genders are equally likely to suffer physical or emotional violence, although the nature of violence differs, a new study says.

Curbing College Gambling

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New report proposes policies to curb and treat students' underage and excessive gaming.


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