Alcohol and drugs

Between a Rock and a High Place

Student pressure at the University of Maryland has called attention to policies barring marijuana use in dorms, but RA's may be reluctant enforcers.

Recovery Hall

Ten years ago, Augsburg College started a program for students wanting to stay sober. More than 8 in 10 have as undergraduates.

Taking Their Medicine

The shooter at Northern Illinois U. reportedly had stopped taking his medication. What factors put college and graduate students at risk of defying doctors' orders?

Taming St. Patrick's Daze

The drinking has already begun. You might be reading this first thing Friday, but somewhere on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, students are pounding beers. They've been up since dawn on this "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," ready to hit the bars before noon and keep it going throughout the weekend.

Ambiguity and Ignorance on Crime

New research finds disconnect between campus officials, less than dazzling knowledge of key campus crime law and evidence that programs to prevent sexual assaults may be misdirected.

Major Drug Bust on Campus

After undercover operation, authorities arrest 75 San Diego State U. students on drug-related charges.

Unwanted Sexual Contact, in Context

Unusual report explores the relational and social contexts of campus incidents.

U. of Evansville President Arrested for Drunk Driving

For third time in two years, a college's leader faces DUI charges. Other 2 didn't last in office.

Want to Lower the Drinking Age? Hope You Like Spam

Presidents who called for debate opened their inboxes last week to hundreds of messages originating from a MADD Web form.

On Alcohol, Leaders Wanted

New award recognizes college presidents for de-emphasizing alcohol, as the campaign to rethink the drinking age likewise casts a spotlight on what presidents are and aren't doing on drinking.


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