State policy

Indiana revamps performance funding, focusing on first-year completion

Indiana revises its performance-funding formula, putting new emphasis on progress toward degree, but not all institutions see an equal shot at the money.

Arizona universities turn to cities in lieu of state support

As states pull support for higher education construction, cities offer incentives to develop new campuses.

Washington State creates public-private scholarship fund

Washington State creates public-private scholarship where corporate donors call the shots on how to spend and invest the fund, which includes state money.

Connecticut merges community colleges and four-year system

Connecticut is merging higher education systems to save money and improve degree production. The still-forming board is working to convince community colleges they won't get lost in the shuffle.

Reports find student aid shift from states to federal government

With tuition continuing to rise, College Board reports find the burden of paying for college shifting from states to the federal government.

Tea Party groups expect influence in elections for Michigan's public university governing boards

Tea Party groups expect to influence statewide elections to pick new members of Michigan's higher education governing boards.

It's Not Me. It's You.

After three years of appropriations cuts, public colleges use tuition increases to draw attention to what the state is no longer providing.

Cross-State Cooperation

Reciprocity agreements would make the U.S. government's "state authorization" rule less burdensome for institutions and state agencies, but agreeing on standards could be hard.

On the Brink

West Virginia must come up with $100 million to ensure the future of one of its public colleges, a study finds.

Closing Time in California

With the state about to shutter its higher education coordinating board, education experts analyze a higher ed system that may be taking a nosedive.


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