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'Privatization and Public Universities'

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The cover of Privatization and Public Universities features a brick campus wall with a "For Sale" sign taped to it. The collection of essays arrives from Indiana University Press at a time that many fear that public universities and their values may indeed be for sale -- as states pull back from their role providing both funds and leadership for public higher education. Two scholars of higher education -- Edward P. St. John of the University of Michigan and Douglas M.

Work Experience for College Credit

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Pennsylvania governor pushes institutions to give adult students more academic credit for knowledge earned in jobs.

Walking on Eggshells

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Fearing a conservative backlash, Utah Valley State College trustees tell professors to revamp new course requirement.

State Funds and Student Success

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Collision of declining support for public colleges and growth in enrollments negatively affects graduation rates, report warns.

New Ideas for Ph.D. Education

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State officials hear about -- and encourage -- non-residency programs and efforts that combine faculties at two universities.

Battling Over Bonuses in Pa.

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Student loan agency's payments to execs give governor opening to push effort to tap its funds for other purposes.

Mediocre Grades for Colleges

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"Report card" on higher education finds U.S. trailing other countries -- with cost of attendance growing as problem for families.

Going Beyond 10%

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University of Texas might win approval to put controversial admissions law on hold.

A New Way for Need-Based Aid

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By requiring student contribution, Oregon aims to expand college grants for low-income students without alienating middle class.

No Free Lunch

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Study says there is a simple way to increase (or decrease) graduation rates: increase (or decrease) state appropriations.


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