State policy

Uniting Against Horowitz

Coalition opposed to Academic Bill of Rights discusses its plans.

Wyoming Toughens Up on Unaccredited

New law bars colleges from operating in the state without approval by agency recognized by U.S. government.

Squeezed in the States

More demand, more inflation could lead to greater burdens on low-income students, new state higher education report says.

Can ACT Improve the Pipeline?

As more states consider the test as part of high school assessment programs, policy experts see results but urge caution.

The Race to Frame

Will Michigan become the next state to ban affirmative action at public universities?

How Much Does Price Matter?

A study of college access in one key state raises questions about the interplay of cost, race and geography.

Pitchin' a Tent

The Web counter just keeps on ticking, reminiscent of the national debt clock near Times Square. But instead of tracking the amount of money owed by the government, a group of students have used their clock to highlight how much the war in Iraq has cost New Jersey. As of Thursday morning, the tally stood at over $12.1 billion. The counter highlights that almost 588,000 students could have been provided four-year scholarships at public universities in the state for that amount of money.

Keeping Students, Finding Money

Survey tracks concerns of presidents of community colleges.

Ready or Not

Students' preparation for college and work require the same learning ingredients, ACT report finds, but states are failing the grade.

N.Y. Proposes Tax on For-Profits

State plan would charge commercial colleges a portion of their financial aid, and use fees to pay for fraud inquiries.


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