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Higher Ed's Election Day Showdowns

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Three years after the University of Michigan won approval from the U.S. Supreme Court to use affirmative action (in some forms) in college admissions, voters in Michigan could strip the institution of the right to consider race when admitting students.

Spending Limits Rejected

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States turn away from caps that have led to appropriations cuts for colleges; many bond plans win approval, with huge California measure ahead.

Domestic Partner Benefits Win a Round

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Ohio judge rejects challenge to Miami University's program, but holds open possibility of future challenge.

Fixing Higher Ed, Legislator-Style

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Report from panel of state lawmakers, the latest to critique American higher education, points the finger in an unusual direction: inward.

State Spending Continues to Climb

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Appropriations for higher education rose in virtually all states, with only New Jersey and Montana showing declines.

Battle of the Boards

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State and local community college panels in North Carolina tangle over a range of oversight issues.

Ethics Rules and Corporate Gifts

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Public institutions feel a pinch as the state of Connecticut tightens regulations governing donations by companies.

Tethering Students to Their States

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Indiana and Wisconsin consider dramatic proposals to combat brain drain -- far beyond incentives to stay in state for higher education.

Automatic Access or Raised Retention?

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U. of Kansas says statewide admissions standards hurt retention, but formulas seen as assuring access in line with open admissions legacy.

Cracking Down on the Unaccredited

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With Mississippi and Alabama strengthening regulations, some for-profit institutions may soon find themselves with fewer potential homes.


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