State policy

Intellectual Diversity or Intellectual Insult?

Missouri House bill would force colleges to report on campus climate, with suggestion that they protect Biblical inerrancy.

Great(er) Expectations

New report shows increases in number of states aligning high school and college curriculums and raising standards.

Muddled Outcome on Transfer of Credit

U.S. negotiating panel formally rejects proposal for new policy for accreditors, but for-profit college officials perceive victory.

Who Pays for the Vets?

Debate over who should fund an Illinois program of free tuition for military personnel grows as more public colleges shoulder the costs.

'College Prep' Without 'College' or 'Prep'

The various reports calling for more rigorous high school preparation tend to be based on a few underlying assumptions, one of them being a strong positive correlation between completing a core college preparatory curriculum and college/workplace success.

How Sectarian Is Too Sectarian?

Federal judge -- rejecting pleas from Colorado Christian U. and U.S. Justice Dept. -- upholds Colorado's limit on aid funds.

Back Off on Accreditation, States Urge U.S.

State higher ed leaders endorse aims of federal rule making process, but discourage use of regulation to achieve them.

Florida Tuition Hikes Vetoed

Governor nixes plan to give research universities power to increase historically low rates, and freezes rates statewide.

Now and Then: Minorities and Michigan

Proportion of underrepresented students admitted to Michigan law school fell from about 40 percent with affirmative action to 5.5 percent without.

What If Higher Ed Funds Don't Help Economy?

Greater prosperity requires more jobs, and more jobs require more economic growth. And the best way to do that, this chain of reasoning continues, is to make investments in higher education and high-tech research. How else to cultivate the next generation of highly skilled, motivated workers for today's ever-dynamic information economy?

That view -- promoted by college presidents, governors and experts in the economics of higher education -- is often cited in the quest for more funding for state university systems. But what if it's wrong?


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