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New Front in Florida's Budget Wars

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In Florida, where budget shortfalls are hitting higher education particularly hard, the public universities are going to battle with the Legislature over the power to raise tuition and freeze freshman enrollment.

Un-complicating Community College Transfer

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New Jersey governor signs a law mandating that the state's four-year public institutions fully accept credits from completed associate degrees.

Michigan's Government Showdown -- or Shutdown?

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Michigan’s colleges and universities, already down millions in deferred state payments, are facing an incredibly uncertain fiscal climate. As legislators in Lansing bicker over a $1.75 billion statewide deficit, the threat of a government shutdown starting on Monday looms.

Privacy and Politics

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Wisconsin-Madison criticized for using financial aid data for political purposes -- but officials say concerns only distract attention from a big budget impasse.

Explaining State Spending on Higher Ed

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New study tracks variables affecting appropriations for colleges and universities over a 20-year period.

More Money -- at What Cost?

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A ballot initiative in California seeks to modify the funding formula for community colleges, but some question whether it would compound budget problems.

Closing the College Achievement Gap

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19 university systems join new effort to improve college-going and graduation rates of low-income and minority students -- vowing to halve existing disparities within 8 years.

A College-Friendly Take on Rising Prices

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Hearing on rising tuitions, normally a scary topic for higher ed officials, treads gently and focuses on proposal to ensure better state funding of public colleges.

Lobbying Relationship Exposed and Questioned

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Head of government affairs for Connecticut State U. and key legislator started romance while working on $1 billion bond package.

Tennessee Reconsiders Tilt to Merit Aid

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Proposals would increase spending on need-based assistance and make it easier for low-income students to hold on to grants.


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