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For-Profit Colleges and Cal Grants

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Career colleges shoot down plan to cut awards to their students, but new restriction would limit funds going to institutions with high loan default rates.

Ending the Late Option

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A Texas community college decides to risk losing some state funds by forcing students to register on time — with goal of improving completion rates.

'Triage' Funding for Community Colleges

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As state budget deliberations unfold across the country, community colleges in some states appear to have been cushioned from the worst, facing cuts that — at least on the surface — are less severe than those to their four-year counterparts.

Agreement in Oregon (for Now)

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In accord with governor, U. of Oregon delays push for autonomy, but clash over governance remains in the offing.

'Breathing Room' on State Authorization

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WASHINGTON -- The Education Department did not go nearly as far as college leaders would have liked in backing away from a new rule requiring colleges to get approval from every state in which they operate distance education programs.

Students, Guns and Politics

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In states where guns may soon be allowed on campuses, students on both sides want to be part of the debate.

Limited Education Behind Bars

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Restricted Internet access and inadequate government funding hinder postsecondary programs in prisons and increase recidivism, report says.

Community College If You Can Pay

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California considers letting campuses set much higher tuition rate for some programs. Would shift help wealthier students, make the colleges more competitive with for-profits, or both?

So You Say You're Broke?

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Hearing that the University of California system had $2.5 billion in “unrestricted net assets” on hand in 2010 could make anyone question the necessity of the 32 percent tuition hike that has been proposed, or the 11 to 26 furlough days that more than 100,000 employees were forced to take in 2009.

Dodging a Bullet

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Texas lawmakers fail to pass a controversial bill, previously seen as a sure thing, that would have let people carry concealed weapons on college campuses.


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