State policy

Performance (De-)Funding

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Building on system for allocating money for higher education, Indiana imposes budget cuts based partly on individual colleges' efficiency.

Freezer Burn

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Tuition freezes may be politically popular, and even appropriate in emergencies, but they often lead to dramatic hikes in future years.

Historic Declines

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Study shows extent of state cuts to higher education and key role of federal stimulus funds in minimizing (but not preventing) absolute drops in support over last two years.

An Underappreciated $64 Million

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As Obama administration contemplates tens of billions in new grants for students, college leaders worry nonetheless about proposed loss of tiny program that leverages much more state financial aid.

Call to Arms in Nevada

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State's chancellor tried the low-key approach to persuading political leaders not to gut higher ed. Now, facing 20% cut, he's sounding the alarm.

A Target for Tea Partiers

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As anti-tax sentiment simmers, community college officials worry that emerging groups will threaten their funding.

No Experience Necessary

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Tennessee bill would make state government officials without advanced degrees eligible for leadership positions at public colleges and universities.

Reforming Teacher Ed

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Prominent voices look to in-the-classroom residencies and colleges of education to reshape how teachers are taught to teach.

Going Above and Beyond

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Nearly all California community colleges enrolled more students than the state paid for this academic year. Relative to their size, however, some two-year institutions are taking on significantly more of the state's nearly 202,000 unfunded students than others, despite the increased risk of doing so.

Going to Market for Student Aid

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Illinois's main need-based grant program for college students, the Monetary Award Program, has been like a target in a shooting gallery in recent years, dodging many bullets but getting nicked more than a few times.


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