Remedial education

True Costs of Student Success

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Report finds that many colleges judge retention programs based purely on outcomes, not cost, providing incomplete picture of their effectiveness; it offers method for doing both.

Moving to Scale

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Gates and Hewlett Foundations move to expand successful program for changing community college experience for at-risk students -- with hopes of even broader expansion down the road.

Replicating Success

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BALTIMORE -- You have three sealed boxes of fruit: one of apples, one of oranges and one a mix of the two. You have labeled the boxes. But someone switches the labels so that they are all incorrect. How can you relabel the boxes correctly by opening just one box and pulling out just one piece of fruit?

Retooling Remediation

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Six states that are trying to revamp remedial education are focusing as much on what happens outside of the classroom – in state policies – as inside. Among the targets for change are state funding formulas and individual course rules.

Competing Principles

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A governance dispute between trustees and the faculty at City College of San Francisco has everyone at the college talking about how course design can improve completion rates in remedial English and math. Now that a compromise has been reached, the institution may just be able to do something about it.

'The Rhetoric of Remediation'

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Remedial education has long been a political football on campus -- and far beyond.

Can You Hear Me Now?

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Georgia Gwinnett has boosted retention by giving its faculty smartphones and encouraging students to call them.

Somewhere Along the Line

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New study explores what a student's entry point into remedial pipeline can tell educators about his or her chance of success.

Changing Course

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With its new online remedial courses, Blackboard is betting that community colleges will put aside reservations about outsourcing academics.

Adapting to Developmental Ed

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With colleges desperate to improve remedial programs, educational tech companies see a growing market for "adaptive" learning software.


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