Anthropology, Evolved

Smart Title: 
Arizona State revamps department in attempt to revitalize discipline, but does program agenda shortchange field?

Evolution, E-Mail and Kansas

Smart Title: 
University reviews new course after learning of professor's anti-intelligent design comments.

Neither Here Nor There

Smart Title: 
Anthropologists who aren’t faculty members struggle with identity.

Minority Teachers Wanted

Smart Title: 
At anthropology meeting, education experts consider role of role models in improving high schools.

Justice for Ishi

Smart Title: 
As shifts in anthropological representations of indigenous peoples take root, they also evolve.

Whose Artifact Is It?

Smart Title: 
3 university museums find themselves in international disputes over objects that have scholarly and political significance.

Social Scientists Lean to the Left, Study Says

Smart Title: 
Analysis finds wide variations among disciplines -- with anthropology and sociology more liberal than political science and economics.

A Gift Unearths a Rift

Smart Title: 
NYU's plan for $200 million institute on antiquity renews debate over collecting of ancient objects.

Be Polite, E-Polite

Smart Title: 
Some professors respond to publicity about students' online demands by setting out some rules.

Senatorial Peer Review

Smart Title: 
Lawmakers tell NSF what it should and shouldn't fund -- and question some grants (without bothering to talk to the researchers involved).


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