NCAA Sidelines a Scholarly Conference

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Association postpones planned meeting on college sports research, citing inadequate quality of the papers, not their critical nature.

Teaching America About Race

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American Anthropological Association kicks off public program to educate citizens about humans' differences and similarities.

A Forced Anthropology Merger

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9 years after much-discussed split of Stanford department in two, separate programs are ordered to combine.

Name-Calling and a Canceled Lecture

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Prominent scientist blames Alan Dershowitz for getting his appearance at Harvard called off.

Publishing and Values

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Anthropology association's decision to leave a university press for a commercial entity infuriates many scholars -- and raises questions about the future of scholarly societies and open access.

Yale and Peru Reach Pact on Artifacts

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Deal will transfer ownership of Machu Picchu objects, but preserve research ties. Scholars see new model for resolving disputes.

Are IRB's Needed for War Zones?

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A common complaint among social scientists in recent years is that institutional review boards -- which are supposed to protect the interests of human subjects in research -- are too involved in work they don't understand. Good social science is getting held up, the social scientists say.

Barnard Tenures Scholar Opposed by Massive Campaign

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Nadia Abu El-Haj was attacked by supporters of Israel over her book on archaeology in Israel, but wins promotion.

Ethics and Engagement With the Military

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Panel of anthropologists rejects idea of trying to bar scholars from working with security and intelligence agencies, but calls for more awareness of risks.

Questions, Anger and Dissent on Ethics Study

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The day after a controversial report on working with the military is released, anthropologists consider whether it went far enough. Many don't think so.


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