Barnard Tenures Scholar Opposed by Massive Campaign

Nadia Abu El-Haj was attacked by supporters of Israel over her book on archaeology in Israel, but wins promotion.

Ethics and Engagement With the Military

Panel of anthropologists rejects idea of trying to bar scholars from working with security and intelligence agencies, but calls for more awareness of risks.

Questions, Anger and Dissent on Ethics Study

The day after a controversial report on working with the military is released, anthropologists consider whether it went far enough. Many don't think so.

Assessment From the Faculty Point of View

Anthropologists say professors should stop looking at measuring outcomes as an external threat and start taking ownership of the process.

Downloading Cultures

New media and digital techniques are transforming the way some visual anthropologists approach the discipline, from field work to online archives.

Secrecy and Anthropology

Anthropologists vote to restore strict anti-secrecy rule -- which would severely limit work for the U.S. military and private corporations.

Abandoning Print, Not Peer Review

Editor of journal with traditional publishing model joins forces with Indiana U. library to start free online alternative, replicating quality control and seeing surge in readers.

Defining a Ban on Secret Research

Board of anthropology association pushes ahead to restore prohibition on studies that can't be shared, but hesitates on absolutist language encouraged by members.

A Pentagon Olive Branch to Academe

Defense secretary discusses plans for new university consortia and grants -- largely in social sciences -- for non-classified research, and pledges no political restrictions.

Pentagon Provides Details on 'Minerva'

When Robert M. Gates, the secretary of defense, announced plans for the Minerva Consortia last month, he surprised many social scientists. Gates proposed the creation of a series of university-based consortiums to support research on questions of importance to the military, but said that the research would be unclassified and would not be subject to political litmus tests.


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