Anthropology and Racial Politics

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Anthropology may loosely be defined as the study of human culture -- but throughout the discipline's history, some cultures have been deemed more worthy of study than others. Who determines which cultures merit the most study -- and how, and why?

Active Learning = More Majors

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NEW ORLEANS -- It is no secret that these are hard times for anthropology. The discipline claims little more than one-half of 1 percent of undergraduate degrees conferred, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Social Sciences and Human Decency

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NEW ORLEANS -- A researcher doing fieldwork in the southwestern U.S. happened upon something close to the anthropological Holy Grail: a small group of Native Americans who had never been exhaustively studied.

A Plea for Engagement

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NEW ORLEANS -- A keen grasp of finance or economics was not what first alerted Gillian Tett, of the Financial Times, that danger lurked in the derivatives market well before that sector nearly caused the collapse of the world’s economy. It was her training as an anthropologist.

“I remember walking into a conference in Nice … and being struck immediately by this sense of déjà vu,” Tett said here on Friday during remarks delivered at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

Anthropology Without Science

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A change to an association's long-range plan sparks concerns that it no longer believes the objective truth is a goal worth pursuing.

Affirming Science's Place

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Seeking to put to rest a controversy that has flared for the past two weeks in the news and blogosphere, the American Anthropological Association issued a statement Monday reaffirming the importance of science to the discipline.

Anthropology Without Doctorates

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Study of master's degree in the discipline finds that many who never earn Ph.D. find professional fulfillment.

Yanked from the Margins

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New panel is charged by bipartisan quartet of Congressmen to find 10 ways to strengthen the humanities and social sciences.

Missing From the Stacks

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Illinois librarians say deep ethnographic research is the best way to learn how to serve Latino students.


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