Victims, advocates worry about bias in campus hearings

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Possible bias during hearing processes continues to be a concern for students reporting campus sexual assault.

Colleges increase athletic spending with hopes of joining Power Five

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In a risky and expensive endeavor, colleges are spending more and more money on athletics in hopes of earning a spot among the Power Five conferences.

Coach's comments about player's social media posts spark debate on athlete speech

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A player's social media post about Donald Trump and a coach's advice to be "socially responsible" inspire a debate about athlete speech.

Recent cases renew debate about second chances for athletes who assault women

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Former Stanford swimmer is but the latest example of university athletes accused of assaulting women who seem to escape punishments that are serious enough for their crimes.

U of Mississippi announces penalties for NCAA violations

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University of Mississippi punishes itself for violating NCAA rules, including falsifying ACT scores for football recruits. 

Baylor University regents fire head football coach; Ken Starr steps aside

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Ken Starr resigns as president. University fires football coach. Analysis released by institution finds numerous cases in which it mishandled sexual violence involving football players.

Baylor University prepares to fire president over handling of assaults

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With board considering firing president amid growing allegations the university looked the other way on sexual assaults involving football players, Starr is expected to resign.

U of Idaho's football program to depart Football Bowl Subdivision

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In a first for the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision, the University of Idaho's struggling team is abandoning college football's top level, a reset its president says is best for the institution.

96 Division I colleges violated major NCAA rules in last decade

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NCAA punished more than half of Power Five conference members and more than a quarter of all Division I colleges for major violations in last decade.

Football and faith: the temptation of Baylor

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Baylor University has one of the top football teams in the country. It's also the world's largest Baptist university. Can the two identities coexist without serious compromise?


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