NCAA Finds Wrongdoing at St. John's

Another National Collegiate Athletic Association member has run into trouble for its handling of a foreign athlete.

Jocks Gone Wild?

Web site that posts pictures of alleged hazing incidents prompts some colleges to investigate athletic teams.  

Okla. Basketball Violations Tarnish Indiana

Penalties will follow Sooner coach who left to take over the storied Hoosier program in March.

Moving Up by Moving Down

Many colleges seek to gain stature through sports. Birmingham-Southern switches from Division I to III and eliminates sports scholarships.

They're Baaaaack

Richard Brodhead, president of Duke University, must be feeling lucky.

“I know I’m gambling,” Brodhead said Monday in announcing that the Duke men’s lacrosse team would return to the field next season with an expanded code of conduct and stricter oversight. “The reinstatement is inevitably probationary,” Brodhead added.

Brodhead canceled the lacrosse team’s season on April 5, after an exotic dancer told police that she was raped by team members at a March 13 party in an off-campus house.

Due Process and the NCAA

Report concludes that association's much-maligned procedures for investigating and punishing wrongdoing are fair.

A Better Look at Sports Budgets

NCAA plans new system for collecting and reporting athletics revenues and expenses -- though with limited public disclosure.

Nothing to Cheer About

Did a Marshall U. report find that alleged lewd remarks and sexual contact were just "playful" and not bias?

Taking the Money and Running

The idea of college athletes going pro isn't new -- but it is spreading from basketball and football to track.

Life After the A.D. (Athletics Director)

Three years later, Vanderbilt's controversial sports restructuring is still being closely watched.


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