Melee in Miami

Smart Title: 
2 football teams -- one historically notorious, another newly so -- brawl in a big way on Saturday night, and their universities respond.

The Early Admissions Loophole

Smart Title: 
Think recent announcements mean Harvard, Princeton and Virginia applicants will learn their fates together? One group will still apply, and find out, early.

Football Is ... Everything?

Smart Title: 
Nike spoof that elevates the gridiron over the classroom strikes some professors and sports officials as unfunny.

Urging Presidents to Step Up

Smart Title: 
NCAA panel calls for campus chiefs to help bring fiscal sanity back to big-time college sports. History may not bode well.

Rally for Title IX Changes

Smart Title: 
James Madison athletes, blaming federal sex bias law for planned demise of 10 sports, call for changes in 'proportionality' provision .

If They Build It ...

Smart Title: 
Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.

Graduation Rate Grumbling

Smart Title: 
Unveiling data showing that athletes are getting more degrees, NCAA chief takes college sports' critics to task for ignoring the facts.

Mansfield U. Drops Football

Smart Title: 
Facing a budget shortfall, university decides academics should come first.

Coaches vs. Faculty and Staff

Smart Title: 
Survey shows pay for top-level college football coaches continues to soar.

NCAA Sidelines a Scholarly Conference

Smart Title: 
Association postpones planned meeting on college sports research, citing inadequate quality of the papers, not their critical nature.


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