When Football Numbers Don't Add Up

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At Minnesota’s Hibbing Community College, football stats tell a tale but, as surely as looking at rushing yards without passing could slant any analysis, here too are numbers most meaningful when read in formation:

A Knight (Commission) Roundtable

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College sports reform group hears panelists debate the state of Title IX and the recruitment of athletes.

Easing Athletes' Academic Path

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Like many major American universities, the University of Minnesota has on multiple occasions been forced to confront the tension that exists between its grand (if not grandiose) academic ambitions and its desire to compete at the highest levels of big-time college sports.

Values and Questions

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Ugly incident at college known for Quaker values leaves students and educators considering role of a tolerant faith in American academe.

Those Pesky Academic Standards

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Clemson's president agrees to examine admissions process for athletes -- as boosters complain the criteria make it hard to compete.

More Than a Mascot

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U. of Illinois retires chief -- and considers how bitter debate affected tolerance, diversity and institution's reputation.

Room to Pray at the Game

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A Muslim student group at Northwestern wants space set aside at sporting events; athletics department decides on a compromise. 

Changing Duke's Culture

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For Duke University's lacrosse team, some semblance of normalcy -- if not closure -- came last weekend, when the team whose previous season had been canceled amid the now-infamous rape case that roiled the campus returned to action for the first time. Thousands of fans cheered and few (if anyone) jeered, according to published reports. 

Mulling Ways to Add Minority Coaches

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Lamenting lack of racial diversity in college coaching ranks, Congressional subcommittee says it would consider legislation.

The All-Academic NCAA Bracket

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Inside Higher Ed's 2nd annual look at how colleges would fare in the NCAA tournament if graduation rates ruled.


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