5 Duquesne Basketball Players Shot

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Incident stuns Pittsburgh campus -- just days after gunman terrorizes college in Montreal.

A Former Coach's New Play

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Sports figures running for political office usually fall into one of two categories: the ex-athlete turned legislator (U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, former Rep. Steve Largent, former Sen. Bill Bradley) or the ex-coach turned member of Congress (Rep. Tom Osborne).

Uptick in NCAA Graduation

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Overall success rate for Division I athletes rises 1 percentage point in second year of the association's new formula.

Gender Equity or Finances?

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James Madison says Title IX forced it to cut 10 sports. Critics say the university is making the law a scapegoat.

Rethinking an Athletic Code of Conduct

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Arrests of 17 football players in 9 months spur Ohio U.'s president to seek an athletics department-wide discipline policy.

NCAA Cracks Down on Kansas

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Infractions panel toughens penalties for university's high-profile men's basketball program and its football team.

Numbers Game

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Wisconsin-Whitewater limits men’s rosters in the name of Title IX.

Melee in Miami

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2 football teams -- one historically notorious, another newly so -- brawl in a big way on Saturday night, and their universities respond.

The Early Admissions Loophole

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Think recent announcements mean Harvard, Princeton and Virginia applicants will learn their fates together? One group will still apply, and find out, early.

Football Is ... Everything?

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Nike spoof that elevates the gridiron over the classroom strikes some professors and sports officials as unfunny.


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