Gender Equity or Finances?

James Madison says Title IX forced it to cut 10 sports. Critics say the university is making the law a scapegoat.

Rethinking an Athletic Code of Conduct

Arrests of 17 football players in 9 months spur Ohio U.'s president to seek an athletics department-wide discipline policy.

NCAA Cracks Down on Kansas

Infractions panel toughens penalties for university's high-profile men's basketball program and its football team.

Numbers Game

Wisconsin-Whitewater limits men’s rosters in the name of Title IX.

Melee in Miami

2 football teams -- one historically notorious, another newly so -- brawl in a big way on Saturday night, and their universities respond.

The Early Admissions Loophole

Think recent announcements mean Harvard, Princeton and Virginia applicants will learn their fates together? One group will still apply, and find out, early.

Football Is ... Everything?

Nike spoof that elevates the gridiron over the classroom strikes some professors and sports officials as unfunny.

Urging Presidents to Step Up

NCAA panel calls for campus chiefs to help bring fiscal sanity back to big-time college sports. History may not bode well.

Rally for Title IX Changes

James Madison athletes, blaming federal sex bias law for planned demise of 10 sports, call for changes in 'proportionality' provision .

If They Build It ...

Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.


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