Tracking Sports Spending

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NCAA gives Knight panel sneak preview of how athletics budget information will be collected and sorted.

NCAA vs. Bloggers

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Reporter ejected from game for crime of online reporting -- does First Amendment have a college sports exemption?

Getting Faculty Off The Sidelines

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Report from athletics reform group calls on professors to be included in major sports decisions on campuses.

Evaluating Title IX

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Hearing and report spur debate on measures of progress for women in athletics, and continued inequities.

For Sports Scholar, a New Perspective

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Northeastern's Peter Roby makes unusual transition from head of sports research center to athletics director.

Big Payday for Title IX Advocate

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Jury finds Cal State Fresno retaliated against a former coach for defense of gender equity law -- and awards her $5.85 million.

No Peace in Title IX Land

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U.S. report on participation for male and female athletes doesn't resolve data dispute over who has been helped (and hurt).

Star Athlete, You're Admitted. Er, Never Mind

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Steve Spurrier is hardly the first coach to blast his college's admissions process; coaches never like it when top recruits get rejected. The University of South Carolina coach’s threat this week to quit if the institution does not alter its policies is unlikely to get Spurrier everything he wants; he says the university should admit any athlete who meets the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s eligibility standards for freshmen, and university officials say they won’t go there.

NCAA Freezes Division I Membership

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Association plans study of criteria for joining big-time level; presidents ban text messaging of recruits, and Division III chiefs back restrictions on male practice players.

What's Next For Division I?

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The announcement last week by the National Collegiate Athletic Association that its Division I Board of Directors had approved a four-year moratorium on accepting new members into the group’s ever-growing top competitive level le


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