Fielding a Faltering Team

Following difficulties admitting players, rumors swirl that Pomona is dropping football, but administrators deny it.

'B' Grades for Diversity in College Sports

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is, on balance, achieving both gender and racial diversity on the playing fields of its members and in its own offices. But white males continue to dominate athletics director and conference commissioner positions, according to an annual report on college athletics. 

Gender Equity in Practice

Many female college athletes train against bigger, faster men. But an NCAA panel wants to ban the approach.

Battle of the Boards

State and local community college panels in North Carolina tangle over a range of oversight issues.

Mascots, Indians and Adults-Only Cartoons

Indiana U. of Pennsylvania announces its new team name -- without checking Google first to see who else might be using the name.

NCAA in Orlando: Mickey, Minnie and Myles

Division I vote override, release of report on athletes' majors highlight the association's annual convention.

A Different Kind of NCAA Action

As annual meeting closes, boards in all 3 divisions decide -- or punt -- on a range of legislation.


Vote opens the door for Canadian institutions to join the college sports association.  

War of Words Over Sports

In dueling op-eds, faculty leaders and president at Oregon debate role of athletics in university's perceived academic deterioration.

When Football Numbers Don't Add Up

At Minnesota’s Hibbing Community College, football stats tell a tale but, as surely as looking at rushing yards without passing could slant any analysis, here too are numbers most meaningful when read in formation:


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