Coaches in Waiting

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The hot new trend in big-time college sports: Tap a key assistant as the head coach's eventual successor. Is that smart planning, does it diminish opportunity for minority candidates, or both?

Call for Change at the NCAA

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Former head of Division I Committee on Infractions believes process for penalizing colleges' rule breaking should allow dissenting opinions and involve more nonpartisan judges.

Academic Accountability in Athletics

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New report details academic performance gap between athletes and non-athletes at some Division III institutions, as NCAA considers introducing academic reporting structure division wide.

Fraud and Friction at Florida St.

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NCAA finds tutors helped 61 athletes cheat in courses, but university balks at punishment -- including giving up wins in football that could cost coach shot at record.

A Bracket Not to Bet On

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If you think college athletes should be students, Inside Higher Ed's method of assessing teams in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament is for you.

Florida State's Unpleasant Vacation

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For the second time in four years, Florida State University is challenging a major punishment of it by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, declaring itself to be a victim of unfair treatment by the sports group to which it belongs.

Rogue Compliance Officer

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NCAA penalizes Texas A&M at Corpus Christi for multiple rules violations, including those of an official who allegedly sought to conceal infractions from the NCAA in exchange for money.

Prayers From the Dugout

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At Neumann College, which has a chaplain for each team, sports and spirituality blend.

The Board Role in College Sports

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National trustees' group calls for institutional leaders to treat athletics like other campus matters, delegating authority to president and others but holding them accountable.

Ward Churchill Redux?

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Bowdoin is poised to discipline a professor for research errors that he says officials went looking for only because they didn't like the content of his work -- not unlike another recent case.


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