Flocking to Football

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Despite sport's hefty cost, colleges continue to add teams amid economic downturn, citing desire to build enrollments or enhance campus culture.

Crime and Punishment, College Sports Style

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At meeting of athletics reform group, NCAA officials say they strive to balance penalties and encouragement in new academic regime and traditional enforcement process.

When NCAA Penalties Are No Vacation

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The association's rule enforcers increasingly compel colleges to forfeit their past victories and championships, much to their consternation.

Restricting the Madness After March

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NCAA is reconsidering a rule that bars Division I men's basketball recruiters from attending non-scholastic events in April, citing some coaches' concerns that it could raise costs of scouting prospects.

On Recruiting, Gambling and Drinking

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NCAA committees and boards decide on a number of controversial college sports issues.

Another Case of Academic Fraud Involving Athletes

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Ex-coaches at U. of New Mexico arranged for recruited players to get academic credit in courses for which they did no work, NCAA finds. Much finger pointing ensues.

Redefining Division III

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Talk of splitting the NCAA competitive level in two is dead. But philosophical differences among the division's members remain, prompting a reevaluation of some of their bedrock principles.

Turnarounds at Traditional Underdogs

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Vanderbilt and Northwestern football teams are undefeated and nationally ranked. What explains the unexpected success at these academically competitive universities?

Athletic Eligibility in the Digital Age

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NCAA considers allowing players to use online and other “non-traditional courses” to meet their sports participation requirements.

Trying to Put the 'Dumb Jock Myth' to Rest

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Myles Brand, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, wants to cease the propagation of “the so-called 'dumb jock’ myth,” as he puts it.


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