Hoop Dream or Recruiting Nightmare?

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Among other decisions at its annual convention, NCAA clears way for 7th graders to be considered official prospects for Division I men's basketball.

Looking to Sports to Bolster Enrollments

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Recruiting of athletes in NCAA's Division III -- best known for its ban on athletics scholarships -- is intensifying and increasingly important to its tuition-driven members.

They Chose Division II, but Why?

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With many prospective members waiting in the wings, the NCAA's middle child strives to create a unique identity for itself amid an economic crisis and after years of member flight.

Are College Athletes Psyching Themselves Out?

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Study suggests perceived threat of confirming negative stereotypes may cause some -- but not all -- of academic achievement gap between athletes and non-athletes.

Too Many Academically Challenged Athletes

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In responding to football violations at Eastern Washington U., institution and NCAA limit the number of players who can be admitted despite failing to meet association's minimum standards.

Coaches in Waiting

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The hot new trend in big-time college sports: Tap a key assistant as the head coach's eventual successor. Is that smart planning, does it diminish opportunity for minority candidates, or both?

Call for Change at the NCAA

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Former head of Division I Committee on Infractions believes process for penalizing colleges' rule breaking should allow dissenting opinions and involve more nonpartisan judges.

Academic Accountability in Athletics

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New report details academic performance gap between athletes and non-athletes at some Division III institutions, as NCAA considers introducing academic reporting structure division wide.

Fraud and Friction at Florida St.

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NCAA finds tutors helped 61 athletes cheat in courses, but university balks at punishment -- including giving up wins in football that could cost coach shot at record.

A Bracket Not to Bet On

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If you think college athletes should be students, Inside Higher Ed's method of assessing teams in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament is for you.


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