Supreme Court Potpourri: Free Speech and Sex Harassment

Justices decline to hear several college cases, letting stand decisions involving a campus preacher's First Amendment rights and a soccer coach's alleged mistreatment of a female player.

Graduation Rates for Athletes Stable

77 percent of Division I players earned degrees within six years, same as last year. But gains over time show traction for academic reform, NCAA leaders say.

Ignorance or Bliss -- or Both?

Survey of faculty attitudes on college sports finds disengagement from athletics governance. Is that because professors feel shut out, or don't think things are so bad?

Assessing the Faculty Role in Sports Oversight

In wake of report on professors' aloofness from issues facing their colleges' athletics programs, panelists at a Knight Commission summit explore the reasons why.

When Big Bucks Come for Sports

Use of major athletics donation to U. of Oregon from the co-founder of Nike has some questioning the university's priorities.

The Ghost of Tarkanian v. NCAA

College groups fear that appeals court's decision in ex-Buffalo coach's case could make private colleges liable for their interactions with state governments.

Making Room at the 'Big House' and Beyond

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is being forced to play defense after the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights informed campus officials late last month that its football stadium lacks adequate access for people with disabilities.

In the wake of that finding, some are wondering what it means for college facilities across the country that have undergone recent renovations.

Football Diaries

“Redshirts,” written by a Middlebury lecturer and playwright, tackles the rocky relationship between academics and athletics at a fictional Division I university.

When 'Not Gay' is 'Not OK'

We come from old Virginia,
Where all is bright and gay.

Creating a Ruckus at Rutgers (Again)

Reconstituted group of students, faculty and alumni says it has familiar targets and goals: Stopping university administrators from emphasizing football over academics.


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