On Recruiting, Gambling and Drinking

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NCAA committees and boards decide on a number of controversial college sports issues.

Another Case of Academic Fraud Involving Athletes

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Ex-coaches at U. of New Mexico arranged for recruited players to get academic credit in courses for which they did no work, NCAA finds. Much finger pointing ensues.

Redefining Division III

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Talk of splitting the NCAA competitive level in two is dead. But philosophical differences among the division's members remain, prompting a reevaluation of some of their bedrock principles.

Turnarounds at Traditional Underdogs

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Vanderbilt and Northwestern football teams are undefeated and nationally ranked. What explains the unexpected success at these academically competitive universities?

Athletic Eligibility in the Digital Age

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NCAA considers allowing players to use online and other “non-traditional courses” to meet their sports participation requirements.

Trying to Put the 'Dumb Jock Myth' to Rest

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Myles Brand, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, wants to cease the propagation of “the so-called 'dumb jock’ myth,” as he puts it.

Defending the Shards of Amateurism

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Sports reform group criticizes NCAA’s lack of leadership in fight against use of athletes’ names in fantasy games and other commercialization.

'Egregious' Failure to Control Athletics

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The University of the District of Columbia has entered a pantheon, but not of the sort that any institution strives for.

Backsliding for Women's Sports

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Most of the major changes in the status of women's intercollegiate sports came a decade or two ago when, through a combination of tough federal enforcement, court challenges, and enlightened decisions by college leaders, many institutions began to lavish more money and attention in an attempt to give equitable treatment to their women's teams and female athletes.

50-Yard-Line Seats and Faculty Oversight

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U. Michigan professors express concern about practice of giving athletics advisory board members tickets and travel to football bowl games.


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