College Football and Congress

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Senate panel (of one) hears debate on whether bowl series for determining NCAA Division I champion is fair and legal.

All Play and No Work

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Over course of seven years, Georgetown paid 26 baseball players nearly $62,000 for federal work study employment they did not complete, violating not only NCAA rules but perhaps federal law, too.

Brand, NCAA President, Dies

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First college president to lead the national college sports association instituted ambitious academic reforms and pushed presidential control and financial transparency.

Good Seats, Hard Sell

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Big-time college football programs with new and renovated stadiums are having trouble filling luxury suites; many blame the economy.

Down and Out in Division I

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SUNY system investigates academic and behavioral problems within Binghamton’s men’s basketball program, which has been accused of lowering standards to boost on-court performance.

A Trustee Calls the Plays

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Florida State board chairman says it's time for the university's longtime football coach to go, arguably ignoring state and national guidelines about interference in sports programs.

Powerless, or Passing the Buck?

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College presidents acknowledge major problems with big-time college sports but say they can do little to effect change, new survey finds.

NCAA Pulls Plug on Penalty

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In rare move, appeals panel reverses infractions committee's barring of Eastern Washington football team from playoffs, citing “clear error of judgment."

'Bowled Over'

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College football has changed a great deal since the 1960s, and Michael Oriard has seen most of those changes firsthand.

In the late 1960s, Oriard walked onto the football team at University of Notre Dame. Eventually, he became starting center, was elected co-captain by his teammates and was named a second-team All-American. After college, he played briefly in the National Football League for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bad Time for Sports Overspending

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Facing furloughs and decimation of academic budgets, Berkeley faculty are dismayed to learn of university loans to fill multimillion-dollar deficits in athletics department -- on top of annual subsidies.


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