Extra Eyes For Athletics Staff

Online technology that tracks students' Facebook and MySpace pages for potentially harmful language gets a mixed reaction from college officials.

Settlement Raises Questions for NCAA

Agreement with former athletes a good financial deal for NCAA, sports officials and legal experts say, but does it add momentum to the push for players to be paid?

Coaches' Second Chances Often Go Sour

They say Tigers don't change their stripes. History shows that neither do Bulldogs or, now, Hoosiers -- or at least the men who coach them.

Sports and the Presidential Pedigree

Does a history of dealing with athletics give a college leader an advantage when scandal erupts? Or is it always trial by fire?

Case Exposes Flaws in Community College Pipeline for Athletes

NCAA slams U. of Central Oklahoma for former coach's widespread scheme to recruit football players from two-year institutions.

Where Kant Meets Kareem

Authors of "Basketball and Philosophy" expound on what makes the sport ripe for analytical discussion, and what to make of Indiana University's coaching turmoil.

Division IV is Dead

NCAA panel tables idea of subdividing Division III, citing results from survey of members. But the study revealed significant lingering tensions among the nearly 450 not-so-like-minded colleges.

When Athletics May Influence Alumni Giving

New study finds a link between sports success and donations -- but not in the way many college officials tend to think.

Progress and More Potent Penalties

In fourth year of NCAA's new academic regime, academic progress rates rise but 218 teams face scholarship loss or other punishment for shortcomings in athletes' classroom performance.

Not Ready for Prime (or Big-)Time

Rapid expansion of Florida International U.'s sports program overwhelmed its administrative structures, resulting in major NCAA violations, association finds.


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