The Right Profile

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Sports law experts say that having former UCLA basketball standout as lead plaintiff lends traction to class action charging NCAA with unfairly profiting from licensure of athletes' likenesses.

Sports and Sustainability

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Environmental initiatives are a top priority for many colleges, but they are an afterthought -- or a distraction -- for most sports programs, new survey finds.

Righting the Ship

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College sports teams with severe academic issues try to shake off new, stern NCAA penalties any way they can. Some say punishment is changing them for the better, but worries remain about unintended consequences.

Piling Up Penalties

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NCAA finds Southeast Missouri State guilty of major rules violations for second time in just over a year, imposing harsh punishments – but no institutional ban.

NCAA Tames Tigers

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Citing violations, including star player's SAT cheating, association forces Memphis men’s basketball team to vacate 38 victories from 2007-8, when it was national runner-up.

Flu and Football Season

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How bad would an outbreak of H1N1 have to get before an institution decided to cancel a big-time sporting event? Athletics departments say they have no clue, but hope prevention efforts keep them from finding out.

'College Football and American Culture in the Cold War Era'

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Are you ready for some football? Or, given that football season is still over a week away, at least ready to read about it?

College Football and Congress

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Senate panel (of one) hears debate on whether bowl series for determining NCAA Division I champion is fair and legal.

All Play and No Work

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Over course of seven years, Georgetown paid 26 baseball players nearly $62,000 for federal work study employment they did not complete, violating not only NCAA rules but perhaps federal law, too.

Brand, NCAA President, Dies

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First college president to lead the national college sports association instituted ambitious academic reforms and pushed presidential control and financial transparency.


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