Student Sports Fans and Bigoted Attitudes

Research links identification with college football and basketball teams and higher levels of homophobia and sexism.

Left Out of NCAA Leadership

Faculty members call for greater representation within new governance structure of the college sports group.

Bowdoin Punishes Professor Who Provoked

President censures economist after backing panel's finding that sloppy research practices amounted to misconduct. His backers say the response squelches faculty criticism.

Cut and Run Athletics

To avoid unprecedented NCAA penalties, colleges are eliminating teams that underperform academically to try to keep Division I status. Does this run counter to association's academic reforms?

Classroom Failure, Postseason Ban

For first time, NCAA bars sports teams from championship play because of poor academic performance. Association's leaders admit that poorer institutions are more likely to face such penalties.

Making the Grade, Missing the Goal

Community college athletes earn higher marks and more credits than non-athlete counterparts, but are significantly less likely to graduate, study finds.

Athletics, Antitrust and Amateurism

Scholars argue NCAA and its members can reduce and contain skyrocketing program costs through Congressional oversight of their continuing tax-exempt status.

Athletic Revival

After a two decade absence from intercollegiate competition, Roosevelt U. decides to restore sports programs despite tough economic times. Officials believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

Commercial and Tax-Free

Big-time college athletics programs are supported in ways that are significantly different from the rest of higher education -- but are likely to retain tax-exempt status, Congressional review finds.

No Money, No Problems?

Most violations of NCAA Division III’s strict ban on athletically related scholarships are “inadvertent,” report reveals. Three institutions are slated to receive punishment for “major” violations.


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