Ball's in the NCAA's Court

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Myles Brand and company have a homework assignment to complete. Call it what you want -- a term paper, a final exam, a thesis defense. It's due October 30 at a Congressional office building.

NCAA Debates New Rules

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At annual convention, athletic association's legislative bodies to consider proposals on a wide variety of issues affecting recruiting, eligibility and institutional finances.

Shifting Ground on the Sidelines

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As 3 football coaches lose jobs for mistreating players, have the rules about acceptable behavior -- and the balance of power in college sports -- changed?

The Cost of Academic Reporting

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Pilot program to collect graduation data from NCAA Division III institutions draws criticism from some who say they cannot afford it.

Curbing Athletic Spending

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Scholars at NCAA convention offer suggestions for how to cut skyrocketing costs of college sports.

Duncan Challenges NCAA to Change

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At association's annual convention, where new rules and regulations are considered, U.S. education secretary offers a few suggestions of his own.

Trimming Athletic Seasons

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As NCAA convention closes, Division II votes to give its athletes more time away from their sports.

Sports Subsidies Soar

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At time of financial peril in higher education, USA Today data show level of institutional financing for athletics programs is large and growing.

Southern Cal Lays Claim to Logo

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A federal appeals court affirms federal board's ruling, saying U. of South Carolina can't register "SC" as trademark.

Another Case of Academic Fraud

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Georgia Southern men's basketball is latest sports program to suffer NCAA penalties because athletics employee did course work for players.


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