'Getting in the Game'

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Nearly four decades after its passage, Title IX remains the object of much contention in academe and beyond -- particularly in the courts. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Delaware State University (which had intended to replace its women's equestrian team with a competitive cheer squad) became the latest of many institutions to see plans changed by a suit filed under Title IX.

A Preventable Danger for Athletes

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Condition that led to hospitalization of 13 Iowa football players is linked to pushing teams too hard.

Bad Apples or More?

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NCAA punished nearly half of universities with big-time football programs for major violations in last decade -- with uptick in academic wrongdoing.

How Athletes Spend Their Time

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NCAA survey shows certain sports put more of a premium on academic activities than others do.

NCAA Suspends Hall of Fame Coach

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Jim Calhoun, the men's basketball coach at Connecticut, will sit out three games next season for major violations of recruiting rules.

'Courses of Interest' for Athletes

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Stanford University on Wednesday found itself in an unaccustomed place: in the middle of a new media maelstrom about whether the academically elite institution's athletes were cutting corners — with the help of campus officials.

Siren Song of Sports

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California universities may face devastating budget cuts, but UCSD is moving toward big-time athletics.

'Big-Time Sports in American Universities'

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As a leading economist of education, Charles T. Clotfelter has brought data-driven analysis to many key topics surrounding American schools and colleges: the impact of K-12 desegregation, teacher compensation, federal tax policy and charitable giving, and cost escalation in higher education, among many others. Yet he, like many other social scientists, had until recently largely ignored a highly visible element of today's (and yesterday's, for that matter) campus environment: the highly commercialized endeavor of big-time athletics.

Athletes for Gay Rights

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A straight star in college wrestling launches organization to promote equity in sports for people of all orientations.

Ambition Beyond Athletics

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Drake plans to offer formal leadership training to all of its team members — and will soon take its football players on a service-learning trip to Africa.


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