Can Hazing Be Stopped?

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Hazing incidents have been alleged on at least three campuses across the country during the past month -- the Universities of Arkansas and Utah and Yale University -- lending credence to the assumption that hazing is endemic to college life.

A New, Empty Stadium

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Slumping football attendance means U. of Akron athletics department must look elsewhere to pay off debt.

NCAA Considers Transgender Policy

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Working group offers association's first take on how its member institutions should deal with athletes who declare their status.

Give Back That Scholarship

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Former Arizona State baseball coach asked players to give back athletics aid to bring on new recruits, NCAA investigation finds.

Ride Another Day

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Women's equestrian team settles with Delaware State U., which is second university this year to fail in bid to replace a women's team with a competitive cheerleading squad.

Football Scholarships Sacked, For Now

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Patriot League, which includes selective liberal arts colleges, decides not to decide on athletic aid for pigskin players.

'Pay for Play'

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University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban is frequently heralded as "the most powerful man in Alabama" and "the most powerful man in sports." But college athletics were not always so influential. In Ronald A.

Tax-Exempt Pedicures

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Group advocating big-time football playoff system files new IRS complaint against bowl games.

Athletes and Students Graduate Comparably

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First report on completion rates for those playing at NCAA Division III institutions, which do not offer sports scholarships, reveals consistency.

Verbal Commitments Challenged

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Proposal banning early unofficial athletic scholarship offers among those to be considered at upcoming NCAA convention.


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