Mark Emmert Is NCAA's New President

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Even if you think the role of college sports in higher education is out of whack, it says something about how much the landscape has changed that when the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced its new leader Tuesday night, it would have been a Butler-almost-winning-the-NCAA-tournament sort of shock if a college president had not been selected.

Seething Over Sports Subsidies

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Faculty leaders at Ohio University are lobbying the administration to significantly reduce the amount of money from the institution’s operating budget used to subsidize its intercollegiate athletics program, arguing that the program’s “unsustainable expenditures” jeopardize the university’s ability to “prioritize academics."

The Athletics Tax

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The gap between the haves and have-nots in big-time college athletics has widened dramatically, according to a new report from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity analyzing institutional subsidy of sports programs.

The Great Conference Confusion

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The landscape of college athletics could shift dramatically in the coming weeks, as the Big Ten and Pacific-10 Conferences consider expanding their membership. While the exact shape of the realignment is unclear, it will likely make geography even less meaningful as an organizing principle than it has been since previous rounds of conference expansion in the 1990s and 2000s, and further consolidate power in a small number of conferences. Watchdogs of college sports caution that this is a losing prospect for higher education, both athletically and academically.

NCAA Levies Academic Penalties

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For the second year in a row, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has temporarily banned at least one team from postseason play because of its athletes’ poor academic performance.

Trojans Trashed by NCAA

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It may take a while for the Men of Troy to “fight on” after the crushing blow they received Thursday.

In a long-awaited decision, the National Collegiate Athletic Association severely punished the high-profile football and men’s basketball teams at the University of Southern California for improper commercial dealings involving Heisman Trophy-winning running back Reggie Bush and basketball standout O.J. Mayo.

Clash of the Titans

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Before he leaves to head the nation’s premier sports governing body, Mark Emmert may have a showdown with the world’s leading athletics apparel provider.

Disarming Big-Time Sports Spending

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WASHINGTON – In the wake of conference expansions largely predicated on lucrative television contracts, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics called Thursday for a new set of financial reforms in big-time college sports.

Cutting Community College Athletics

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With no economic recovery in sight, some community college administrators are wondering what else on their campuses they can reasonably cut while fulfilling their educational missions. For some, the answer is athletics.

Protection for Title IX Whistleblowers

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In the years since the U.S. Supreme Court recognized a private right to action for retaliatory discrimination under Title IX in 2005, numerous athletics officials have brought cases against their institutions, arguing that they were either let go or mistreated because they raised concerns about gender equity on behalf of students or coaches.


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