Tax-Exempt Pedicures

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Group advocating big-time football playoff system files new IRS complaint against bowl games.

Athletes and Students Graduate Comparably

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First report on completion rates for those playing at NCAA Division III institutions, which do not offer sports scholarships, reveals consistency.

Verbal Commitments Challenged

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Proposal banning early unofficial athletic scholarship offers among those to be considered at upcoming NCAA convention.

NCAA President Answers Critics

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Emmert defends association's handling of high-profile football violations, says it must clarify its "values" and rulebook.

Sports Seasons to Start Later

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At NCAA convention, Division II votes to delay start of practice in the fall, and Division I presidents revive proposal to require at-risk freshman athletes to attend summer school.

All Longhorns, All the Time

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Unprecedented deal with ESPN will put Texas' teams (and professors?) on display 24/7 -- and bring the university as much as $12 million a year.

Less-Is-More Approach to Sports

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Positive reviews abound after first truncated fall athletic seasons in NCAA Division II; some critics say Division I should follow suit.

'Getting in the Game'

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Nearly four decades after its passage, Title IX remains the object of much contention in academe and beyond -- particularly in the courts. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Delaware State University (which had intended to replace its women's equestrian team with a competitive cheer squad) became the latest of many institutions to see plans changed by a suit filed under Title IX.

A Preventable Danger for Athletes

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Condition that led to hospitalization of 13 Iowa football players is linked to pushing teams too hard.

How Athletes Spend Their Time

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NCAA survey shows certain sports put more of a premium on academic activities than others do.


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