Another Case of Academic Fraud

Georgia Southern men's basketball is latest sports program to suffer NCAA penalties because athletics employee did course work for players.

Win for Women Who Wrestled

Federal appeals court sides sweepingly with female former athletes who sued U. of California-Davis.

Bad News Binghamton

Independent audit of scandal surrounding SUNY institution's basketball team reveals severe lack of oversight from outgoing president and former athletics director.

Family Values and the NCAA

Amid criticism from gay rights advocates, athletic association pulls advertisements from pro-family group that sparked Super Bowl controversy.

Squashing Sportsmanship

Elite game, known for its self-adjudication and players’ gentlemanly conduct, turns ugly at championship between Trinity and Yale.

Decline of Sportswomanship?

Recent violent outbursts among female athletes garner lots of media attention and worry some educators. But many observers say the incidents are aberrations.

Play on Our (Political) Team

Talking about race, politics or football can be a recipe for conflict. Talking about all three at the same time? That’s an engraved invitation to a duel, especially in South Carolina.

Cinderella Men

After an extraordinarily upset-laden National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I men’s basketball tournament, many colleges with Cinderella teams are scrambling to pony up the cash to hold on to their now in-demand head coaches.

Sickle Cell Testing, Unless Athletes Balk

The Division I Legislative Council of the National Collegiate Athletic Association approved a new rule Tuesday mandating that all athletes be tested for the sickle cell trait.

Closing Argument

With her nearly 20-year presidency at the State University of New York at Binghamton besmirched by a basketball scandal in recent months, Lois DeFleur is taking some subtle steps to answer critics and, perhaps, shore up her legacy.


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