'Pay for Play'

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University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban is frequently heralded as "the most powerful man in Alabama" and "the most powerful man in sports." But college athletics were not always so influential. In Ronald A.

Tax-Exempt Pedicures

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Group advocating big-time football playoff system files new IRS complaint against bowl games.

Athletes and Students Graduate Comparably

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First report on completion rates for those playing at NCAA Division III institutions, which do not offer sports scholarships, reveals consistency.

Verbal Commitments Challenged

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Proposal banning early unofficial athletic scholarship offers among those to be considered at upcoming NCAA convention.

NCAA President Answers Critics

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Emmert defends association's handling of high-profile football violations, says it must clarify its "values" and rulebook.

Sports Seasons to Start Later

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At NCAA convention, Division II votes to delay start of practice in the fall, and Division I presidents revive proposal to require at-risk freshman athletes to attend summer school.

All Longhorns, All the Time

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Unprecedented deal with ESPN will put Texas' teams (and professors?) on display 24/7 -- and bring the university as much as $12 million a year.

Less-Is-More Approach to Sports

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Positive reviews abound after first truncated fall athletic seasons in NCAA Division II; some critics say Division I should follow suit.

'Getting in the Game'

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Nearly four decades after its passage, Title IX remains the object of much contention in academe and beyond -- particularly in the courts. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Delaware State University (which had intended to replace its women's equestrian team with a competitive cheer squad) became the latest of many institutions to see plans changed by a suit filed under Title IX.

A Preventable Danger for Athletes

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Condition that led to hospitalization of 13 Iowa football players is linked to pushing teams too hard.


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