Baylor not alone in shielding athletes accused of misconduct from punishment

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Baylor University’s former head football coach covered up his players’ sexual violence and other troubling behaviors for years, new court documents allege. But the university is not alone in protecting athletes from punishment.

NLRB general counsel says private college football players are employees

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Big-time college football players at private institutions should be considered employees, the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel says in new memo.

ACE report urges college leaders to ensure 'culture of integrity' in athletics

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Following a series of high-profile cases of academic fraud in college sports, the American Council on Education releases a new report calling on institutions to better align athletics with their academic mission.

Over three decades pushing for sports reform, Knight Commission touts small but significant victories

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For nearly three decades, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics has argued for reforming college sports. What impact has the panel had?

Notre Dame appeals NCAA sanctions over academic misconduct

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NCAA orders Notre Dame to vacate two seasons of football wins after an athletic trainer completed course assignments for several players. University says punishment is too harsh.

NCAA alleges Louisville violated rules in prostitution scandal, charges head coach with failure to monitor

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Last year, Louisville's supporters scoffed at charges. Now NCAA has confirmed them and the university is objecting to the association's finding that powerful head coach failed to monitor his program. The coach is invoking 9/11.

As Supreme Court declines to hear O'Bannon case, focus turns to other antitrust lawsuits against NCAA

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The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the O’Bannon case protects college sports’ amateurism model for now, but earlier ruling that the association violates antitrust laws leaves the model vulnerable.

Coach's comments about player's social media posts spark debate on athlete speech

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A player's social media post about Donald Trump and a coach's advice to be "socially responsible" inspire a debate about athlete speech.

Two teams facing charges of academic fraud meet in NCAA basketball tournament

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Syracuse U and the U of North Carolina meet in Final Four of men's basketball, following season when one team's coach missed nine games for NCAA violations and the other remained under investigation for high-profile case of academic fraud.

Black athletes in wealthiest conferences continue to graduate at low rates

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Just half of black male athletes at the 65 top football and basketball institutions graduate within six years, a new study found. Other black students and other athletes fare much better at most colleges.


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